Ticking off

Gradually, all the jobs on my long, long list are being ticked off. Well, actually, I put a line through them – far more satisfying than a tick. This week lots of lines have been drawn.

The event in Yorkshire all ran smoothly; the young people who spoke about what they have been doing as part of the project were a delight; Kevin Brooks was an interesting speaker; and the cake was magnificent. It was a long day, though.

I have been shortlisted for all four of the jobs I applied for in that Long Weekend a little while ago. Yesterday I was interviewed for one of them and offered the job, which I’ve accepted. So on the horizon now I have definitely: work with adult literacy students for Ledbury Poetry Festival; work as Poetry on Loan co-ordinator for the West Midlands; and TRA project management and training work. Possibilities are: some writing workshops with the Cheltenham Literature Festival; the Apollo project (poetry with cancer patients and their carers – and this is the work that’s closest to my heart); work in schools with Write On!; some workshops with young people in Dorset in August. So – if I’m offered any one of the remaining three jobs all will be well for the next year at least. Phew!

The most exciting thing to happen this week, though, is that my play Once this was a poet will be performed as part of the Cheltenham Literature Festival! I’m so chuffed, and so are the cast and crew. Lots of people who missed the first performance have asked when it will be on again – I don’t know exactly yet, but it will be either 13th or 14th October. We’ll have a little more time for it, and we’ll be able to restore one of the poems that everyone was very reluctant to cut.

And that’s it. I’m off to a Greek island now – must go or I’ll miss the plane.

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