Back in the saddle

…but I wish I wasn’t. Although I love what I do, I love being on Skiathos even more. I had a great time and I am very brown; even being ill didn’t spoil it. The system in the clinic was nteresting. Foreigners came into the waiting area, made a mental note of who was before them, sat down and waited. Greeks came into the waiting area, stood by the door of the surgery, and barged in as soon as the door opened. But still, I only had to wait 20 minutes, and got the prescription I needed.

Apart from lying on the beach, swimming and snorkelling, I wrote a chapter and a half of the novel, a new one-act play, and four poems; I went to the open-air cinema, and for a walk through the countryside, and for a midnight swim; I took advantage of the shopping facilities of Skiathos Town; and met some very nice people. The one trip I had booked – a snorkelling expedition – was cancelled.

And now I feel almost physically sick at the thought of all I have to do in the next two weeks. I seem to have been offered one of the other jobs I applied for, although it’s not clear yet whether that will be for this year or next; and it seems likely that funding will be found for the work with cancer patients. I had a phone call while I was away offering me some work in schools in October (although I don’t know yet what that would entail); and I have an interview tomorrow. So – no need to worry at all about work, probably for a year or so, which is a great position to be in. But if I’m offered the job I’m going for tomorrow, then I’ll have to make some calculations and decisions. I would hate to turn anything down – all the prospects are really interesting – but I don’t want to get into a position where I’m working all the hours there are. We’ll see.

So – this week, coming up, I have an interview and a workshop on Monday; a day in London with TRA on Tuesday; two schools (part of the Music Fest project) on Wednesday, plus a Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting and a TADS meeting; an interview on Friday plus the slam I run in Lydney; and on Saturday I am managing an event (my first!) at Ledbury. And I haven’t even unpacked yet.

Time to stop blogging and get on with stuff, I guess.

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