Lazing around…

…which is the title of one of the songs I’ve written with my son. It’s one of my favourites. I’d like to have it played at my funeral, but the words might make this a little difficult for people – Lazing around, lazing around, Lying on my back and just gazing around, etc. But anyway, it’s what I feel I’m doing at the moment. Oh – I’m not planning to have a funeral just yet, by the way.

But what a great start to the week! One year on from the floods, Tewkesbury was celebrating its survival; bands played all day in the Abbey grounds, and at the end of the evening fireworks flared and blazed in one of the best displays I’ve ever seen. Well worth going out for. During the day I had read some short stories written by Gloucestershire WI members; they had asked me to select three to go forward for the national competition. I don’t mind doing this; there weren’t many of them and they were very short. It was a shame, though, that one of the best hadn’t followed the brief precisely – no point sending it through to the final, I’m afraid.

Before I forget, my IT expert has told me how to embed YouTube videos in my blog, so let’s see if this works:

Monday was Wolverhampton. In the autumn and spring terms, I’ll be working alongside two other writers in a school there, looking at different aspects of the area where the school is situated. I get three sessions with each of years 3, 4 and 5 – hard to do a great deal in a short time, but fun to try. And the staff were really keen, which is half the battle. Both the head and deputy head were wearing jeans! It wasn’t like that in my day – more’s the pity.

Off to Sheffield for a meeting, but the meeting planned for the next day was cancelled so I just came home again.  I’d planned to return home the pretty way, but my TomTom was confused by roadworks in Sheffield and in the end I just headed for a road I recognised. But this meant the official start of my relaxed period! As well as some TRA work, I sanded and varnished the front door, and did some preparation work up the tall ladder on some panels that needed painting.

And since then I’ve finished the front door, varnished the back doorstep, primered and undercoated and glossed the panels, put weedkiller down on the drive, extened an article for a library journal, finished my one-act play (it’s called Clam), done some weeding and clearing in the front garden, done loads and loads of ironing, and been to the gym. I’ve taken out a six-week trial membership of the local gym – no point joining when I’m busy – and plan to go as much as I can during the next six weeks to get fitter.

So, this has been a lazing around week, and next week will be the same. Still some bits of real work to do – quite a lot really – but I don’t have to go anywhere. Luxury!

Ah. And my TRA manager sent me flowers to thank me for my work on the Yorkshire and Humberside project. They were lovely, but didn’t mean half so much as the flowers brought for me by my son. Bless!

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