Where does the time go?

On eBay, that’s where. My mower broke down this week, and I’ve been trying to find a new one. I have a large patch of grass (I wouldn’t call it a lawn), and my old ride-on lawn mower has finally reached the stage where it’s (a) dangerous and (b) broke – the steering has gone. Again. But eBay can be so frustrating – three times I was pipped at the post by what must have been an automatic bid. Anyway, I’ve bought one now, and it’s due to arrive in about an hour.

And I’ve been selling stuff, too, or trying to – part of the major clearout which should have been almost finished by now. If it doesn’t sell, then it’s off to the charity shop.

It hasn’t all been fun. I’ve done some weeding – really difficult stuff, digging up nettles. And had a terrible time with the woman whose car I reversed into. I know it was my fault, but she was so rude, and tried to get me to pay far more than the cost of the repairs, and it all seemed unnecessary. I’ve been to the gym a few times, too, and that seems to be getting a bit easier.

And I have done some work, in between all this. I’m about to start on a little project with the Cheltenham Literature Festival, running poetry workshops with diverse groups on the theme of sleeping and dreaming. Everyone has something to say about this, so it should be fun. And I’ve reworked a document for The Reading Agency, and started preparing for my work as Poetry on Loan co-ordinator. I thought it was about time I updated my cv, and all the new stuff should be appearing on the website – but my IT consultant (my son, Mathew) no longer had the software he used to build the site, so there will be a slight delay…

The biggest excitement came with the arrival of the LitFest brochure, with Once this was a poet there, in real print. I met my friend Paula, who is the leading lady in the play, and she is beginning to get nervous already; no need, though, because she will be terrific.

But somehow this week, the time has just slipped away. I haven’t done as much clearing as I wanted, or as much weeding, or as much work. I’ve learned a lot about ride-on mowers, though. And next week I’ll really get loads done – starting with cutting the grass.

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