I won’t let it change my life

Yes! I won the lottery last week. Don’t bother sending begging letters, though, because it was only £10.

So what should I blog about when this week wasn’t much different from last week? Perhaps I should change my life, or fictionalise it, and make up exciting things. Actually, though, I wouldn’t have time for all the exciting things, so nobody would believe me.

The family reunion was quite fun! I sat with relatives who were almost strangers to me, and talking to them was interesting; my brother and I managed not to fight; my strange cousin managed to behave himself, more or less, and paid for us all. We (my kids and I) had planned to visit my mum the next day, but my daughter had a tonsillitis attack and felt terrible, so my son and I spent the day clearing up all the boxes left around in the playroom. The room looks bigger and brighter now, so I guess that’s one change.

Monday was the last day with the Year 5s in the school in Wolverhampton, and it all went really well; at last this project seems to be on track. Year 3s after Christmas, which will be interesting. Writing with very young children nearly always includes drawing and lots of play; it’s fun, but we have a Product to aim for, and mustn’t be distracted by the process (which is, of course, the important bit).

Tuesday and Wednesday were in the prison again, and I stayed late both days. The guys are so pleased to have any attention paid to what they do. They are so willing to try things that are way out of their comfort zones. They are so appreciative – I even had a letter from the mum of one who has been shiopped out, to say that the work he did with me made all the difference to his stay in the prison I’m in. The interview with the Governor went well, too; he gave clear and honest answers to all our questions, and the guys handling the interview were perfect. Of course, it can’t all be good. There is one man I have to work with who says he is being kept in “because they said I was a danger to the public”. In fact, he is a danger full stop. He could well bore everyone he meets to death, and really turn off all the other guys in his group. I just hope he gets shipped out, like all the good ones do.

And it was so nice staying with my friends! It’s not just the pleasant conversation and the relaxed atmosphere; it’s not just that I don’t have to prepare any food. What’s really good about it is that I don’t have to decide anything – supper is presented to me, and there it is!

On Wednesday evening I went to a poetry reading. The poet was good, but it was in a really dull room in a really dull place, on a cold evening, and there was just one poet. Only 14 people were there, and honestly, I’m not surprised. Poetry can be fun – indeed, the poet himself was fun, and some of his pieces showed a lovely sense of humour – and there’s no reason why the presentation should be like being made to stay in after school. Oh well, it was only an hour, and at least I can recommend this poet now.

On Thursday I ploughed through most of the hundreds of emails waiting for me. My poor blind cat tried to help by leaning her paw on the Delete key. I watched with horror and delight as the emails vanished; but of course, they were all still retrievable. And now I must pay a compliment to PCWorld. No, honestly. My son’s laptop was collected for repair (it’s still under warranty) by PCWorld’s TechGuys, on Thursday 13th. The couriers tried to deliver it back to my house, fully mended, on Tuesday 18th. Excellent service!

Rehearsal for Pygmalion on Thursday night; it’s going well. Except that there are no props yet. Oh dear. Has anyone out there got a small sofa we could borrow? Or a flower basket?

I wrote a couple of little poems on Friday morning (at 4 am!); not really serious ones – I’ll use them in various workshops I have to do soon. And then off to Birmingham for the Literature Activists meeting. To be honest, I go to this largely because I like the name, and often spend a lot of the time there wondering at the appalling dress sense of most of the other attendees. I am aware that this is dreadful behaviour, and I am suitably ashamed. This time there was some really interesting presentations, though. A meeting afterwards with a graphic designer was a mistake, because I had to drive home through Friday evening rush hour traffic, and it took ages.

But now, I have answered all the emails, and done nearly all my prep for next week, and cleared up the mess the cat has left in the porch, and installed my mole repellent device at the end of the garden, and not applied for any more work! I’m so proud of myself. Perhaps at last I am managing to change my life, so I’m not quite so busy. Or perhaps it’s just that I’ve got so much on already I couldn’t possibly do any more…

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