Losing track

I’m a bit late with the blog this week, simply because I had forgotten it was Sunday. Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to this week has said that they have lost track of the days, and some have said that they will be glad to get back to work on Monday. Hmm. My aim is to Finish Everything; that is, everything on my list that I can do (without contact with other people), by the end of tomorrow.

And I’m not doing too badly. I’ve finished putting the two books for the prison together, and this week when I went into the prison I got them both printed and assembled; the newsletter was finished and printed, too. I’ve finished putting together a book of pieces written by the ladies at the doctors’ surgery, and sent them off. Tonight I should finish the restructuring of the prison diaries book, ready for publication by Lulu, the online publishers.

I’ve done the preliminary research for the schools project with the Cheltenham Literature Festival, and ordered more books about things like the Dean Forest riots and some myserious happenings near Stroud. I’ve paid invoices for Poetry on Loan, and prepared to get printed and distributed our recommended books leaflets and posters. I’ve done my end of month accounts and reports; I’ve prepared for the training I’m doing this week in Plymouth; I’ve done some work on my new slam poem; I’ve nearly cast my one act play; I’ve done my Greek homework; I’ve applied for some work in a school in Oxford for later in the year.

Phew! And on a more homely note, I’ve done loads of pruning and bought a new sofa. The real failure of the week was my bonfire, though. As my Devoted Reader knows, I take pride in my bonfires. But this time my mountain of prunings remained too damp, and just would not burn.

And as for New Year’s Eve – well, let’s not talk about it. I was at home, on my own. Now, I know some people don’t care about New Year’s Eve; I do care, but I’ve never liked it very much, and this was not my ideal way to spend it. I did some sewing; in particular, I mended the trusty rucksack that hefts around all my prison stuff. Great.

But, hey, never mind. It’s a new year now, and I’ve made my resolution – just one, and I’m keeping it to myself. And what’s more, I know what day it is and I’m well on track to Finishing Everything. The only problem is – then what will I do?

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