Too many minutes

Not enough minutes in a day, obviously, but too many meeting minutes to write up. That’s a lot of what I’ve done this week – minutes for my two meetings in the north west and one in the south west; I’ve still go to finish these and write more for another south west meeting and a meeting of TADS, the drama society I work with.

Talking of drama, the rehearsal for my play on Monday was really, really good; I’m delighted by the way my cast has caught the mood and feel of the play. A little bit of tightening up on the lines and moves and it will be fine. It’s not such a powerful piece as Once this was a poet, but it has, I like to think, a quiet charm. We’ll see – it will be on on March 6th, so there’s very little time left for rehearsals. The TADS meeting was ok, with a great idea for our next major production; meanwhile there are two one-act play festivals to do. All good fun. And I’ve started writing a new play, which will be called Terry Doyle. Watch this space.

My hospital visit was good this week, as usual, with just one lady who was determined she was going to walk again. I think she will, and her courage was an inspiration.

Not like the prison. I had a really hard day at the prison this week: a young man who was very seriously disturbed; an officer who was arrogant and manipulative; a governor who has ideas which, in my opinion, are downright stupid. The good thing was the comments from members of the writing group – “It’s made me want to write more than the homework you set”, for example. And one of them thought that I was making real changes to the disturbed young man – but he needs much more help than I can give him. These things prey on my mind for hours after I have left the prison, and it wasn’t helped by a very long journey home.

On Friday I was in the Cirencester love slam. I was nervous as always, but once I reached the semi-finals and knew I wouldn’t win (the lovely Jonny Fluffypunk was clearly going to be the winner, right from the start) it wasn’t so bad, and I never mind losing to really good people like Jonny..

And I had another day off yesterday – I didn’t even turn my computer on, and I can’t remember the last day when that happened. I went to Birmingham, and had a ride on their big Ferris wheel, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I chose the right day to get round to it – I hadn’t realised that it closes down today.

There have been lots of other things this week – my car failed its MOT (should I get a new car, I wonder?); I took one of last year’s trophies in to be engraved; Poetry on Loan has been fairly active – but it has really been dominated by the giant Ferris wheel of minutes. You just can’t rush them. Unfortunately they never close down.

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