New life

Blog day already! This has been a week of preparing for the future. Ok, that’s a bit grandiose, really; it hasn’t been that significant, but I’ve had a long conversation with someone from the Arts Council who gave me some ideas on how to refashion the Poetry on Loan bid for resubmission, so there is some hope there, and a long call with the wonderful Jonathan, making plans for our new training venture. It would be great to get some more work on the horizon, with other things coming to an end.

Meanwhile I’ve written an evaluation of the work I was doing with the Asian ladies group in Gloucester, and answered loads of emails, and done my end of month and end of year accounts. Apparently I have earned quite a lot this year (not surprising, seeing how much work I’ve done), but I don’t seem to have any of it myself. The Son’s and Daughter’s new cars have accounted for most of it, I think.

And I could do with a new car myself. The work I had to have done cost over £280 – £175 for the part alone. The car has a lot of rust, which would cost a fortune to sort out, and much though I love my car, I think I have to start looking for something else. What, though? It needs to look nice – I know that’s terribly girly, but it’s the way things are.

Off to London on Tuesday for a TRA staff meeting, which was very useful, and I did quite a lot of typing for the prison on the way there and back.

I’ve done quite a bit of Greek, and a lot of reading for my PADI course, which starts next week. And I’ve done some work on the garage (peeling paint), and cleared two bags of rubbish from the living room, and four bags of stuff for the charity shop. And given blood (my 49th contribution! I get a gold badge next time), and been ice skating with The Bloke, and bought a new mouse and fallen in love with a big LED HD television – a bit silly, really seeing I hardly ever watch it and can’t afford one anyway.

All this sounds as if I haven’t done any work, but I have – it’s just been the sort of prep and emails and write-ups that fill a lot of my time. Soon I’ll have a new project to work on, and there’s some training coming up, so I have to do a lot for those; and next Saturday I’m doing a presentation for a Symposium on Poetry and Medicine, so I’ve had to write that, too; and I’ve written two new poems.

But I must spend the time when I’m not working so hard on sorting my house out. It’s more than spring cleaning – more like a once in a lifetime thing. New life is coming to my house; once I’ve got rid of all the junk, it will be able to breathe again.

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