Breaking up is hard to do

Breaking up for school holidays was never hard, was it? But this is, what I’ve done this week, or at least prepared to do.

But first, what else have I been up to? Monday was, as it often is, a prep day – agendas for various meeting and for sessions later in the week, and writing the minutes of last week’s TADS meeting. Tuesday was more prep, and a Write On meeting in Birmingham. I’ll be working with a small group of autistic boys in a school in Birmingham, and this was my chance to meet the teachers, except that the actual class teacher didn’t make it. But still, we got some pre-organisation sorted out. On the way to the meeting I went to see a Hyundai Coupé; it was in good condition, a bright metallic blue, and seemed to have everything I want in a car, but unfortunately I couldn’t take it for a test drive; the chap was there at the showroom on his own.

I also wrote a sad little poem; it started out as a celebratory kind of thing, but somehow I couldn’t stop the sadness creeping in.

On Wednesday I worked with my women’s group in Hereford. We had three new people. It was terrific – they all joined in, even the ones who were rather dubious, and came up with some great ideas. We wrote two really good poems, as a group. In the evening I drove to Milton Keynes to go to a Lightning Seeds gig with The Son. The Son is such a keen Lightning Seeds fan that the people in the band actually read his blog, and the gig was excellent – I was even up dancing in the aisles by the end. But it was a late night, and I had to get up early to go to the prison the next day. I was very tired by the end of Thursday – but we had a great group session and got the next issue of the newsletter on the presses. Or in fact printers; we don’t have a real printing press, obviously. I had to stop and sleep on the way home, but this at least meant that when I got home I could write up the session and start preparation for my dinner party on Friday night. This was the first dinner party I’ve had for 9 years, so I was a little anxious. In fact, it all went really well; it was a lovely evening, with The Bloke and two old friends who are always great fun.

On Friday I had my last session for a while with the nurses at Cheltenham Hospital – they are so good; they really want to write poems – and my first session this term with the two groups at the doctors’ surgery. I keep saying it – all the people I work with are so good, and it’s all so rewarding.

The Bloke and I spent most of Saturday looking at cars, but none of them came close to the Hyundai I had seen on Tuesday. I did a bit of work – end of month reports, invoicing and so on. And on Sunday I did it. I went for a drive in the Hyundai and put a deposit down. I haven’t told my lovely Prelude yet. I know it’s daft, but I do get attached to cars, and I’ve been driving Preludes for 11 years now. My current one is getting very rusty and strange noises are making themselves heard. The last time it went wrong it took three days to get the part. I have to be realistic and let it go, and get another car, but I really don’t want to do it. But still, next weekend I’ll be saying goodbye. It’s hard.

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