Hooray! I’ve finished the prison book this week, and the book of pieces written by the people at the doctors’ surgery. They both look really good, and I’m pleased with them – I hope the writers will be. I must say, that for many years I thought my visually artistic abilities were non-existent, but now I think I’m beginning – only beginning, mind – to understand what looks good on a book cover.

Before finishing the prison book on Monday evening I drove to Taunton for a steering group meeting for my South West project. It was a good trip both ways, for a change, and a productive meeting. I managed to do loads of prep as well, and answer a lot of emails, so it was a good day all round.

On Tuesday I went for an introductory visit to the school I’ll be working with in June and July. I’m with a group of autistic boys; I’ve never worked with people like this before, and it was a bit of an eye-opener. They knew much less than I expected in general areas (naming other countries who might be in the World Cup, for example), but one of them could name all the teams in the Premier League, and did so, in alphabetical order. Most of them have a great need for structure, and need to do things in a certain order. Their writing skills are poor, but they are verbally enthusiastic and like joining in with things. We made a little chant which they enjoyed. It’s going to be a real challenge, this one.

In the evening I went to see Iron Man 2 with The Bloke. It really wasn’t very good. It was a shame, really; if the villain’s part had been written differently it could have been a much better film.

Wednesday and Thursday were taken up with writing minutes; never a very interesting job, but they took a bit less time than I was expecting. And my women’s group in Hereford went well. One lady who said she just wanted to listen but not do anything wrote a lovely little poem on friendship, with my help, and seemed pleased with herself. The group gets bigger each week, which is a good sign. I think.

The scuba diving went well, but next week is our big exam, so I’ve got to buckle down to some revision – and all the time the weeds in the garden are growing higher and higher, and soon I’ll really have to get the machete out again.

On Thursday I collected my new car, a blue Hyundai coupé. Oh dear. I sat in my poor old Prelude for some time with the engine running, unwilling to turn it off for the last time. I had to send a text to The Son to ask for help; I knew he would understand. Anyway, now the new car is in place on the drive, and is looking good and driving well. And I finished the surgery book, and slept for hours. This is always a bad sign; a headache is imminent, and sure enough it hit me on Friday. I managed to do a bit of work and ran my surgery session. One of the ladies said about the sessions “For an hour a week I don’t have depression” – which is exactly what I hope to achieve. I mowed the lawns but things were getting worse and in the end I had to give in, and just slept.

Yesterday I wrote another set of minutes, did bits of admin, and spent time with The Daughter, who was home to go to a friend’s wedding. The Daughter looked wonderful in her new dress – and I went off for a jaunt with The Bloke. We had a table booked at a Greek restaurant in the evening.

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