A surge…

…of creativity! I’ve written a bit this week, which is encouraging. In fact, I’ve got quite a few bits and pieces done. On Sunday, I wrote an expression of interest for some possible work, as well as showing The Bloke’s parents my house, which was a bit scary, and renewing my car insurance and preparing for a workshop.

On Monday I wrote a report summarising the achievements of my residency at the prison. It’s strange; you bumble along, thinking that everything takes ages in prison (which it does) and that you’re not really getting anywhere, but writing it up for a two-year period makes it clear that actually quote a lot has been achieved. Very morale-boosting! And I mowed the grass, and went to see The Girl Who Played With Fire. In Swedish. With subtitles. Cineworld had, in their wisdom, taken all staff off the ticket desk and left only one person to serve popcorn, drinks etc. and issue tickets. Guess what? There was a big queue, and we missed the beginning of the film. I complained to Cineworld the next day, and was dealt with by a very friendly and helpful person. I know that everyone has to cut costs just now, but there are limits; this was not good service, although they did their best to compensate for it.

Anyway. On Tuesday I caught up with a whole lot of actions (TADS and the South West project), changed my new poem Handbagged, wrote another poem (In praise of men – no, honestly, I mean it!), and did a lot of work on the last big report I have to do.

Wednesday was the hospital and a nice man, who was delighted to have some help passing the time while he waited, and a lot of preparation for Thursday…

…when I ran two workshops at a West Midlands Reader Development Conference. The conference was all about reading and health, and the stuff I do with the patients at the doctors’ surgery fitted in well with this. It was good to catch up with some old friends, and an interesting day all round; it even included mention of some possible work opportunities. In the one slightly boring session that seems obligatory for even the best conferences, I finished another new poem, but it’s not one I want to talk about; there will be very few occasions when I can perform it, and when I do I want it to be a surprise. In the evening I drove to a place near Welshpool for the big Writers in Prison Network get-together. This year’s new writers are a great bunch and will, I’m sure, do wonders at their prisons. This was the last night of their training week, and it was really a bit of a party; we all read something – poems or short stories – and admired each other’s work, and drank quite a lot of wine.

And on my way home on Friday, I wrote yet another new poem! It’s much shorter but will, I hope, be entertaining. There wasn’t much of the day left – just enough to do some prep for a training course, update my accounts spreadsheets and phone all the doctors’ surgery patients about the start of the new term next week. Oh, and a bit more work on the report.

Saturday was not a day off this week – I had to go to a Ledbury Poetry Festival brainstorm meeting, which I think was pretty productive. And today – no writing at all, except this blog. I’ve been snorkelling near Torquay, with The Bloke and a wetsuit. It was cold – without the wetsuit I would have been in the water for about 30 seconds – but good fun, including a comedy moment when we both tried to stand up and fell down because of the surge of the undertow. All I need this week is a surge of effort, and a surge of work offers, and all will be well.

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