A bat and a parrot

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating for any new readers – I lead a really strange life. I’ll need to make the blog quite short this week, because I’ve got loads to do and to be honest I’m feeling a bit stressed, but I had to mention the bat and the parrot.

So – Monday was the usual odds and ends day. I wrote a job application, did some prep for the work I’ll be starting this week with older people in Ross and some more prep for other Ledbury Poetry Festival work, made some changes to the one-act play entry forms and rules (I’m responsible for managing entries this year), wrote my Writers in Prison Network report for 2009-2010 and did all the expenses accounting, did more prep for the prison and my session with the nurses and the doctors’ surgery group and the play adjudication, made my Christmas cakes (slightly burnt), and went to a TADS meeting. Not bad for one day.

Tuesday was the dentist, a little evaluation of the session at The Roses, prep for an interview (which is this afternoon!), and getting ready to have a courtesy car (clearing mine out, sorting insurance, etc.) while my paintwork is repaired.

And the bat. There was something flying around on my landing. It looked like a huge moth, but at one point it settled on a bookcase and I could see that it was a tiny, tiny bat – a pipistrelle, perhaps. I opened the bathroom window and tried to shepherd it out, but it was taking no notice. And then it disappeared, flew up into the skylight and vanished. Where can it be?

In the evening I saw red, or rather Red, the movie – lightweight fun, but they could have made a bit more of the jokes, we thought.

Wednesday was even more prep – oh, will it never end? Obviously not. And I had to get the courtesy car insurance sorted again because the woman at the garage had given me the wrong fax number. More prison stuff, and an excellent afternoon at the hospital, with a lovely woman who had heard something about me and was just hoping she would see me – and there I was.

Thursday prison. Good. Quite a lot done. Never enough, though.

Friday – hospital again; another amazing session; followed by a session with the nurses – although only one of them made it this time; and then the doctors’ surgery group, who work harder and harder all the time, and in the evening out to Wotton-under-Edge to do my first play adjudication for the Gloucestershire Drama Association. Fortunately my fellow adjudicator and I agreed on just about everything to do with the production.

And at the weekend – I checked the proofs for the published copy of my play Cuffed! That was exciting. And loads of write-ups, and then I had some time off – shopping, and a visit to Chepstow Castle with The Bloke. It occurred to me that I was doing the sort of things that my parents used to enjoy, but the fact is that if you are with someone who is interesting, then it’s easy to be interested in stuff. Sunday was a good day. And I managed to finish the work on the prison poetry book…

…and so we come to the parrot. The Bloke has been making a parrot for the TADS’ production of Treasure Island, and it’s working – the wings flap, the head turns and goes up and down, and the beak opens and closes. It’s naked, at the moment – all plastic struts and motors – but wow! I’m so impressed that anyone can do something like this. Now, if we can get it to catch bats (carefully, so that they don’t get hurt) everything will be complete.

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