This is the last blog I’ll write this year. I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and still have some fun to look forward to on New Year’s Eve. This year I won’t be spending New Year’s Eve alone, having fulfilled my New Year’s resolution to sort my life out.

There isn’t much in the way of work to write about. The week started badly, with the cold tap in the kitchen frozen. The Bloke spent ages sorting it out; we had to take all the plinths off the kitchen units, and he crawled around underneath, wielding the small blow-torch that he just happened to have in his pocket. Don’t ask; he’s just that sort of bloke.

After that, everything got better, with all the Christmas preparations sorting themselves out nicely – shopping, mince pies, wrapping, all with a classic snow scene through the windows. I did go out for a play in the snow, but only briefly; my intention of building the Great Wall of China across my garden proved to be a little ambitious. I polished the kitchen floor instead.

I did manage some work – finished the book of poems written by the patients I worked with in the surgery in Ross, wrote the TADS minutes, and revised my play, Terry Doyle; and I read a play sent to me by someone I’ve never met and sent him some comments. I wonder what he’s like? Who he is, even… Oh well, I don’t suppose I’ll ever know.

Wednesday was a real day off; The Bloke and I saw Megamind and Tron, with lunch out in between. Megamind was rubbish, really, and Tron wasn’t much better. We had planned to see The Tourist but the heating wasn’t working in the screen where it was to be shown so it had been cancelled – and I have to say that an unheated cinema would have stopped me watching any movie at the moment.

One bit of bad news was that the series of poetry sessions planned for a surgery in Ledbury has been cancelled because they say they can’t find appropriate participants. Hmm. But – and what a but – the Arts Council funding has been granted for Poetry on Loan for two years. This is amazing. We all thought it was a good bid and deserved to succeed, but getting funding for anything is so difficult at the moment that we didn’t really hold out much hope. But – there we are; lots of poetic activity will happen in the West Midlands that wouldn’t have done otherwise. They have asked for more information about some parts of the bid, by 17th January – which will be a bit of a struggle – but it’s on. Hooray!

And Christmas was lovely. The Son (plus tiny kitten) and The Daughter were home, the meal all went well, and everyone liked their presents. And in a moment I’ll be off to have another Christmas, this time with The Bloke.

It’s been a good end to the year, really. I have enough good work to keep the bills paid for 2011, and I have wonderful people around me. Who could ask for more? I just hope that next year’s resolution works out as well as this year’s did.

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