Easing in

It’s been quite an easy week; The Bloke has still been on holiday, and I wanted to spend some time with him, so I haven’t done as much as, probably, I should have done.

Most of my work this week has been prison stuff. The great guys in my group have produced huge amounts of good writing, and somehow this has to get typed in to go into a book. Some of them are IT-literate, and they do their own typing, but it always needs quite a lot of editing; and some just don’t know one end of a computer from the other, so I do their typing for them. Anyway, I’ve done a lot of typing / editing / preparation this week. I didn’t stay at the prison long, though, because I’ve had my annual cold this week, and I felt really sick on Thursday, so I left early.

I had one serious job to do. Each year, at the beginning of January, I update the notes to go with my will. These detail the stuff that’s not in the will – any special bequests, people to be informed, where my money is kept, and so on. It’s a salutary little period, doing this; not cheery, but necessary. If I were to pop my clogs this year, at least my kids would have a start in knowing what to do.

The Bloke has acquired a thing for copying videos to DVD format, and we’ve done quite a bit of that this week. It’s meant watching the old videos of Pete, my late poet husband; strange to see him so alive and chatty, when he’s been dead for over ten years now. I won’t watch these DVDs very often, but it’s good to have them in a form that has a chance of lasting for a few more years. There are loads more videos to do – all the ones of the kids when they were little, and so on.

Gosh, this is all a bit serious! And taking the decorations down is always a bit sad. Drama lightened it up a bit – I’ve started going to rehearsals for Treasure Island now, and learned that as Stage Manager, I too am to be dressed as a pirate, so that if the actors forget to take something on stage, I can shift it on without looking too much out of place. I’ve said no to the bare feet, though; it’s very cold backstage in February.

Looking forward to this week, I’ve done lots of prep for my first day at the school in Oxford tomorrow; I really hope it goes well, because I’m going to be with them for about 15 days. And I’ve started the Poetry on Loan work, too; we need to get that going quite quickly. And I applied for a really lovely job – right up my street – but I expect they will have loads of applicants. We’ll see.

The weekend was out and about! It was good weather, and I went to Plymouth and Newbridge with The Bloke.

Now I’m sitting in my electrically-heated jacket (Christmas present from The Bloke, who finds it really hard to believe that anyone can be as cold as I am), easing into real, proper work again. Actually, less of the easing now – I need to get down to it with real purpose. Onwards!

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