Welcome back

Not to you, dear readers, specifically, although it’s always nice to check the blog stats and see that there are still some of you out there – even if none of you ever leaves me a message. I’m not complaining. The welcome back was to the poetry-writing muse. I write lots of poems when I’m working with groups, but these are mostly an exercise in the craft of writing poetry. This week I was suddenly struck (at 1:30 am) with a good idea for a slam poem – the first two lines were there, waiting to be written. Of course, it didn’t stop there; I couldn’t go back to sleep until I had finished the first draft, and it’s quite a long poem. Still, I’m rather pleased with it. I need a slam now to try it out; the audience will probably sit through it blank-faced and all my pride will be brought down to where it belongs.

Anyway, even without that it hasn’t been a bad week. I got loads done on Monday – write-ups and prep, end of month accounting and invoices, my quarterly report for the prison.

The school on Tuesday was good. In the mornings the kids are much better now; they are beginning to understand what I expect from them, and they come up with lovely poetic images. In the afternoons, though, they are awful, and I think it’s because they just don’t get enough sleep. Or perhaps it was me – early Tuesday morning was when I was writing the New Poem, so I guess I was pretty tired myself.

In the evening we went to see Black Swan. Well, really. It looked so good from the trailers, and I suppose the ballet bits were done well, but the story was silly and boring. I found myself looking at my watch part way through, and I didn’t even do that in The Green Hornet. Natalie Portman looked to me as if she was acting, all the way through; I couldn’t believe in her character at all. How this film got so many Oscar nominations I don’t know.

Ok, rant over. On Wednesday I finished writing the adjudication for Little Shop of Horrors, and I finished spreading the first bag of gravel. Hooray! It does look good, but I think I’ve done only about a third or even a quarter of the drive. Three more tons to go, then. I’ve ordered the next bag, but I need to clear the leaves and weeds off the next bit of drive before I can do any more. Ugh. I hate weeding. But as well as this there was more prep and write-ups to be done, and a session at the hospital – nice lady, who started off talking about the bad luck she had had, but couldn’t help thinking with pleasure of the lambs she had raised on her smallholding. Aah.

Thursday was a really good day at the prison, although prison politics mean that my governor has left and much is unclear, including my future contract. Oh dear. The guys were great, though. We started a drama and playwriting course, and they threw themselves into it with huge enthusiasm.

In the evening I dealt with emails. Sometimes I hate emails.

Yesterday – and today – I went for a little run first thing. Well, I say run – more a jog / walk, really. I’m so unfit, despite all the gravel spreading. Lots of prison work – I finally finished the book of pieces I’ve been working on, and sent it off to Lulu (self-publishing organisation) to do their stuff. And my GP surgery group go from strength to strength; they really take on board what I say and try to put it into practice.

I did kind of hope, after the arrival of the New Poem, that others would be jostling along behind it, but no. That seems to be it for now. I just want them to know that I’m always glad to see them, even in the middle of the night.

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