Not that kind of play – I haven’t been larking about on the local recreation ground (although come to think of it, that might be fun). No, this week has been focused on plays.

On Tuesday I spent a lot of time sorting out all the entries for the GDA One Act Play Festival, including mine. I had to go to the bank, take some stuff to the charity shop, buy some sand and gravel, and so on, but apart from that and prep for the prison, it was play stuff.

Wednesday was mostly prep – for the prison and the Poetry on Loan meeting, and the kids’ writing group I run once a month in Hereford. I was a bit worried about this, after the last time. It’s been such great weather, though, that I couldn’t resist spending some time in the garden, but – oh dear! while I was emptying one of the compost bins, I lost a ring, a silver one I bought in Skiathos last year. This is the fourth ring I’ve lost while gardening. I sifted through one of the four bags of compost, but didn’t have the heart to continue. I planted a rose, and had a bonfire, which I was rather disappointed with; I think the logs were just too big. And we went diving, but the pool was very full and we couldn’t do much.

Thursday was the prison. I played the cd of their play to the guys in my group, and they were tickled pink; it has come out very well. It was sad saying goodbye to a guy I’ve worked with for over a year, but he’s one of the good ones, and I’m sure he’ll be ok and will never see the inside of a prison again. I’m going to have loads of blokes for my next course, although I won’t have a chance to choose them, so I won’t know who I’ve got until the course starts on 12th May. In the evening I answered emails and washed my car, did some patio clearing (hard work!) and wrote up all the info I have to record for the prison.

On Friday I managed a short run, but it started raining while I was out and I’m rather a fair-weather runner, so I turned round and came back. It was the Royal Wedding. I just watched the bit where she stepped out of the car, so I could see the frock. It all looked like a very well-produced play to me, and I’m sure the audience had a lovely time. I did a bit of tidying and went to a barbecue with The Bloke, which was fun.

Saturday was the kids’ writing group. And hooray! This time it was much better – more kids, and nobody cried. I wouldn’t mind carrying on with this; they are so keen on writing, these kids. More patio clearing; more emails.

On Sunday I had to go to Gloucester for the One Act Play Festival directors’ meeting. This gives us the opportunity to remind ourselves about the stage layout, and give any special lighting and sound requirements to the technical crew. And then I did more patio clearing, assisted by The Bloke. He brought his metal detector with him, and ran it over the compost bags and – yes, found the ring!

Yesterday I bought lots of plants for hanging baskets, and got very anxious about not having done any work over the weekend. So today I have to work twice as hard; no breaks for playtime at all. Ah well.

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