Too much

My mum is always telling me that I’ve taken on too much, and for the next few weeks, she’s right – I definitely have. I really don’t know how I’m going to get through it all, but I know I will somehow. Anyway, last week… On Tuesday I did writeups and the TADS minutes, and went to the hospital, where I worked with a really interesting man. I did all my end-of-month accounting, and added a second coat of paint to the chairs we’ll be using for the play. They look pretty good! More writeups and some prison work, and then I wrapped all The Son’s birthday presents, because there was a possibility he would be home the next day. He wasn’t. Wednesday was mostly a planning day, apart from a trip to the dentist, which is always fun; he has a nice sense of humour. So, I did the prep for my GP surgery group, and wrote a detailed plan for the first session with a school, which is this Wednesday. I answered loads of emails, had a long phone call with the lovely Jonathan, did some prep for the Writers in Prison Network conference, and went to a Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting. Buy tickets! Go to our events! We need your support! The prison was good on Thursday; my group worked hard, and I got quite a bit done. Best of all was that I had lunch out with The Daughter; we have trouble finding time to say all we want to, to catch up, but I do enjoy these occasional lunches. In the evening I found that two birds had fallen down the chimney in my rarely-used living room. I managed to get one out quite easily, but the other one hid behind a cupboard and I didn’t get it out until the next day. Even though I opened all the windows, the silly thing couldn’t find its way to the outside world and I had to catch it. And the mess! They had turned everything over in their panic, and poohed all over the place. I’m afraid clearing it up will have to wait, though; I just don’t have time at the moment. Friday – aargh, emails! Loads of them! I did the prison writeup, and a bit more prep for the GP group; I met them in the afternoon and they were terrific. We are writing a play, and they are really getting into it. In the evening I finally finished the book for the Oxford school, and updated my cv for a company I hope to be working with soon; and wrote the detailed plan for the first session at the other school I’ll be in for three sessions. On Saturday I finally started some preparations for my holiday. I like to get things packed quite early, but I still haven’t put a single thing in the suitcase. Oh dear. But in the afternoon I went out with The Bloke to the steam museum in Swindon, which was fun, and on Sunday we bought a little video camera that works underwater. It’s not the greatest quality of video, but it was really cheap, and it will let me find out whether I want a better one. I had to give my Geoffrey Whitworth trophy back, too; this was the cup I won last year for my play Cuffed. Shame! Fortunately I could arrange to meet the chap I had to give it to, without driving all the way to where he lives. In the evening we saw the X-Men movie, which I enjoyed more than I expected to. And now – well, it’s a really full on week; loads of work, plus the play festival, and I have blackcurrants to pick and freeze. I have too much to do. I’ll let you know next week whether I coped.

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