Work and play

I’m back! I’ve been on holiday for a week, but I’ll start with the week before that. Monday was at a school (good but hectic) and then the usual prep day, but I also made a birthday cake for The Son, who came home for a while on Tuesday. He seemed to like his presents, and of course it was lovely to see him. In the morning on Tuesday I was working at a school in Birmingham – lovely kids and great teachers; it was a joy. And later I did some packing, picked all the blackcurrants from the bush in my garden, finished the book of poems from the school in Oxford, mowed the front lawn, did some more prep, wrote a letter to the AA as part of my long-running dispute, and finished minesweeper in a new record time. I haven’t said much about the time I waste playing stupid games, because I’m ashamed of it – but, hey, a new record time is worth a mention. I won’t say what it is though, because it’s probably painfully slow compared to everyone else.

On Wednesday I was back with the Monday school for my last visit. It was odd, this school; in the first session they wrote great poems that didn’t rhyme, but in the second and third they were trying to write rhyming poems and losing the plot a bit. And they knew it, too; kids always know when they’ve forced a rhyme, but it doesn’t stop them doing it. I spent the afternoon tidying and cleaning, and on a bit more prep.

The prison was good on Thursday, as usual; lots of work from my group and on the newsletter, and in the evening I mowed the back lawn. I was trying to get everything ready for Saturday, and on Friday I got nearly up-to-date with emails and mail and got everything prepared for the beginning of the week when I came back from holiday.

So, on Saturday I was off to Cyprus. It was hot; we didn’t see a cloud all week. The hotel was good, and the room had a view of the sea, which was clear and warm and had lots of interesting fishes to make snorkelling good fun. There were a few problems, of course, but we did lots of swimming and sunbathing and mooching and eating, and I wrote a new play and two bad poems. I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t have much chance to speak Greek, but I did find the odd waiter who was prepared to be patient while I struggled to say something which he could have said much better in English. Ah well. On the last day we went on a quad bike safari. I was scared stiff for the first 20 minutes or so, but by the end of the trip I was really enjoying it; a good way to end the holiday…

…except actually it ended at 4 am this morning, when we got home. And today I’ve been unpacking and washing and answering emails and preparing for tomorrow and mowing, yet again. It’s hot here, but I feel like I always do after a holiday – a bit sad that that’s it for another year. Never mind. I’ve had my playtime, and I’m still in the middle of a really busy period; but my work is all fun anyway. Mustn’t grumble!

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