Service as normal

Huh! Of course I’m just as busy – well, nearly. On Monday I did manage to do some house things – mowed the grass and deadheaded the roses; renewed my virus protection and paid my (gulp) income tax bill, and caught up with the ironing. But that was it, really.

On Tuesday I did lots of writeups and prep; stuff that had been left over from my busy week last week. In the evening we went to see Green Lantern – a popcorn movie if ever there was one, but fun anyway.

And on Wednesday I had loads of Undelivered message emails. This means that my password has been found, and some rat is sending junk emails using my email address; this in turn means that some people are recording me as a sender of junk emails, so they don’t receive my real emails… it’s such a pain. And my poor computer, which is seven years old now (that’s about 108 in human years), is really struggling to cope. I’m going to have to get a new one. Quite apart from the expense, this means ages trying to choose one that’s reasonably future-proof, and then setting it all up. Oh dear.

Anyway, I spent a couple of hours on the prison newsletter, and went to Ross to visit the GP group who have kept going on their own for months now. This is a real achievement – it’s very difficult for a group to keep going like this, but they are doing really well, and it was lovely to see them again. And more prison prep, and loads of real emails. The Bloke mended my blind for me. This is really important, because without the blind I just can’t work in my office in the morning on sunny days. Of course, since then we haven’t had any sunny days. I take full responsibility, and apologise.

Thursday was a very good day at the prison, with good work from my group and some new people to work with, and in the evening it was straight out to see a play that I was adjudicating – Richard III, in the Rococo Gardens. Outdoors. Fortunately it wasn’t too chilly. I haven’t been to see a play there for years, and I remember that last time it was so boring that I found more interest watching a small spider make a web in the hair of the lady sitting in front of me. I wasn’t bored this time; it was a most unusual interpretation of the play, but I can’t say much because I haven’t written their report yet.

I had an email congratulating me on my piece in the Koestler review. The people who run the Koestler competitions had asked me for some stuff to put in their annual review, and I kind of thought it would be some dry, dull document, with my piece about the work I do tucked away in a quiet corner – but no, almost as soon as you open their well-produced glossy booklet, there I am, in full colour! Coo.

On Friday I worked in the hospital, and met, as usual, some brave and lovely people, and then spent some time working with the nurses. The poems they write are amazing. We’ll be putting them into a book in August, and I think it will be a terrific read.

I spent some time trying to phone all the people who I think haven’t received emails from me; most of them were out, of course, because it was after 4 on a Friday and everyone seems to go home early on Fridays these days. I did the prison writeup, and then it was off again to see Guys and Dolls in Cheltenham – another play to be adjudicated, and the last this year. It was excellent, although the seats in the theatre were very hard.

On Saturday I wrote thank you letters to all the people whose events I had managed at Ledbury Poetry Festival, did my accounts and bought some birthday presents for The Daughter, and yesterday I had the day off! Well, apart from re-reading Richard III to check I had remembered it correctly, before writing the report.

And here we are again today. I have so much to do – hospital and nurses’ writeups, more on the newsletter, a book to prepare for my GP surgery group, two play reports, prep for an entirely new session for the prison… One day I’ll sit in my beautifully-tended garden, sipping a drink and reading a book. Not this week, though.

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