Does anyone else out there make lists? I am an inveterate list-maker, and today I need to write some lists – a medium-term list of things to do in the next two weeks, and a long-term list, of all the things I want to do in the next three months. I’ve already done today’s list, obviously. When I’m really busy the lists get neglected, which is silly, really, because then I feel I’m out of control.

Anyway, the lists are needed because after today I will, finally, have caught up with all my proper work, and so I have to start work on the house and garden, in earnest. Last week was mostly catching up with things and finishing off.

On Monday I did prep – for my Ross group, my session with the nurses, for the prison and for the kids group I work with in Hereford. I answered lots of emails, and then cleared and seeded a bare patch of lawn round Sharon. Actually, round a rose of Sharon bush which had almost died in the bad winter. I’ve been wanting to get this done for ages. And I did yet more work on the prison newsletter. The Daughter was home this weekend with some friends, so I had to clear out the big bedroom for them to stay in, and wrap all her birthday presents.

On Tuesday I was at home again. I signed off the artwork for the poetry postcards produced by Poetry on Loan – I think these are going to look really good., and did yet more work on the prison newsletter. And I typed up my new one-act play. In the evening, The Bloke and I went to see a film, but it was full! One of the problems of having a season ticket to the cinema is that you can’t book in advance. Oh well, it’s bund to happen now and again, I suppose, but we were a bit disappointed to lose our evening out.

On Wednesday I finished typing the play, and got together all the music it needs (it’s a play with songs!) I spent the afternoon with my group in Ross, who are doing really well without me now; that’s the last session I’ll have with them. I made a cake for The Daughter, and sent off some invoices.

The prison on Thursday was brilliant – good group work, although we were covering the history of poetry which isn’t really very exciting. They had asked for it! And the newsletter was put to bed – not printed, though, because it has to be checked by the Governor before it finally gets printed and delivered, and he wasn’t available. The traffic home was really bad – two accidents on the motorway. It didn’t look as if anyone was badly hurt, fortunately. And in the evening we had a TADS meeting. We have had some bad news – the theatre have given our usual February slot to someone else, and so we have to decide about our next big production, and how we’ll slot one-act plays around it. Finally I iced the cake.

Friday was a busy day – a session in the hospital, then my last-but-one session with the nurses, and the final session with my GP surgery group. The nurses are amazing; however hard I push them, they write brilliant stuff. The GP group in the afternoon recorded the play they had written, and they did it really well.

The Daughter was home on Friday evening, and we spent bit of time together. She loved all her presents – hooray! Success! The cake was approved of too. While she was out I did all the writeups and answered emails. The evening was a bit worrying – The Son’s block of flats had caught fire! No damage to his flat, fortunately, and again no-one hurt, but still a bit of a shock for him.

On Saturday I worked with my group of kids in Hereford. We had three new ones, and everyone seemed to enjoy it; they all want to come back again in the autumn. Now I’ll have to think of things for them to do…

And yesterday I had a day off, and went to the Welland Steam Fair with The Bloke. He was tickled pink with sitting in an old Messerschmitt three-wheeler.

And while I’ve been writing this, I’ve remembered four extra things to go on my list of jobs for today. Hmm. I think this will be a list for today and tomorrow, and the house stuff is going to be put off yet again. But my very next job is to write a big list.


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