I expect most people know about Freecycle, but if you don’t let me take this opportunity to recommend it. I was going to get the council to collect some large unwanted things from the garage, but on their website there was a link to Freecycle; I’d heard of this before, but never used it. You advertise things you don’t want any more, or put in adverts for things you want, and lo and behold, they match up. And it’s all free. So, my freezer has gone, and my self-supporting hammock; I have queries about my armchairs, so they might go too. It means that things get re-used instead of being scrapped, and I’m all in favour of that.

I picked lots of pears from my tree and put them in a box by my gate, together with some plastic carrier bags, so that people could just take a bag full as they passed by – quite a few people just go for walks along my lane. But this didn’t work so well – next time I looked, someone had taken the whole box, and left the bags behind! I think this was a bit greedy, especially as I had planned to use the box for the next lot of pears. I don’t think I can reach the remaining ones, now, though; they’re too high up on the tree. I did feel justified in taking a marrow from outside a house along the road, though, and jolly nice it is too.

Apart from recycling, I have been pursuing my aim of sorting my house out. I’ve cleared and jet-washed the patio, and put sand and cement down to fill the cracks between the slabs. Unfortunately I ran out of sand and cement, so this isn’t finished, but it should be today. And I’ve weeded; and written a poem about weeds and my war on them. Ok, I know they are just plants in the wrong place, but why can’t they go away and grow in the tight place, i.e. not my drive? To my mind, weeds are yet another proof of the non-existence of a benevolent deity; it’s just so petty to inflict them on us.

I have done some work, too, but it’s rather quiet at the moment. I attended an ArtLift refresher session, and wrote up notes from sessions at the hospital with nurses and patients; I did some prep for my Poetry on Loan meeting on Friday, and practised for my gig tomorrow, and prepared for the GDA awards ceremony on Saturday and for the prison. I answered many emails, and wrote the minutes for a TADS meeting I went to on Thursday evening, and did some work on the prison book. And I spent some time at the hospital. This was very moving; I was working with a  couple who are having a hard time, and they were just lovely people.

The Bloke and I saw two films this week – Super 8, which I enjoyed but that he thought was a bit sentimental in a very Spielberg way, and The Skin I Live In, which was rather strange but very well made – except for the end, where they just seemed to have got fed up with it all.

And we went to a party! A 30th birthday party, with lots of live music. I did a couple of poems, and took notes for the grand party we are planning for next year.

Today the roofers are here to repair my roof (hardly surprising, really), so I’ve painted the big new beam black. This repair certainly will not be free. And perhaps next week there will be a bit more work stuff to talk about; but then again, sorting my house out must count as work, mustn’t it? It’s not what I would do for fun.

The next big house job is to clear the living room of accumulated junk, so I’ll be hitting the Freecycle website again before the end of the week. Have a look for yourselves!

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