Fun and games

What a wonderful week! It started, as usual, with prep; I spent most of Monday preparing for my lawyers’ event on Thursday, but I also managed to revise and complete the nurses’ book, start a job application and do some gardening. This was mostly clearing nettles, and I spent all the next day tingling from nettle stings.

On Tuesday I finished the job application, and went to Bath. I’ve never really been to Bath before, except for getting lost trying to get through it. This time I got lost trying to find the car park. What is it about Bath? They obviously don’t like motorists, and will join Oxford and Reading in my list of places to avoid while driving. Anyway, I went there to spend a little bit of time with my friend Jackie, who lives in new Zealand but comes back to England once a year to visit her mum. Usually she stays with me for a day, but this time we had lunch in Bath and did a bit of light retail. It was fun; whenever we meet it’s as if we had met only the day before.

In the evening The Bloke and I went to see Debt, which was ok but not as good as I had expected. I have been told that I look like Helen Mirren, who starred in the film, but I’m not sure I can see it myself.

On Wednesday I logged on to Twitter! Get me and my new-fangled ways. Do follow me, please! I finally got everything ready for the lawyers’ event, and spent some time at the hospital; this was good – I met a lovely old chap.

Up early on Thursday to catch the train to London. I was a bit nervous, because I’ve never done an event this big before. I was to present and run fun poetry sessions for 100 lawyers, as part of their annual conference. The organisers had some doubt about whether these serious-minded people would really participate in some fun, but in fact it all went brilliantly. I had 20 different activities for them; each table had a poem, and they had to write a poem themselves or engage in some other form of creative activity (making collages, toads and towers; presenting a performance of the poem…). They were terrific; all their suppressed creative impulses came out and they found the joy of working together. Lots of them came up to me later and said that they had found it inspiring and uplifting. Hooray! Later I did a short performance, which was difficult because it was in a big open area with no amplification, but that went ok too. I got home at half-past midnight.

On Friday I did some more prep and my accounts, and had a session at the GP surgery, which went ok. In the evening was the qualifier for the big Cheltenham LitFest Allstars poetry slam. I did my new poem, and came second in the qualifier – the top five went through, so this was fine. The new poem seemed to go down well.

It didn’t go quite so well in the actual slam on Saturday; I had a good score, but was knocked out in the first round. The line up for these slams is always excellent, and it’s a privilege, really, to be in it at all. The winner was Tim – oh dear, I’ve forgotten his surname – who deserved his prize.

Sunday was a day of relaxation after all the strain of the week. My kids were home, briefly, and it was good to see them, and then The Bloke and I went to Chipping Campden. It was fun; we could nearly afford tea and a cake, and we saw some trout and crayfish swimming in what they like to call a river – it’s about three feet wide and six inches deep.

This has been a lovely week, full of fun and games; stressful, but hey, I like a bit of stress. Back to the usual stuff this week…

1 thought on “Fun and games

  1. The winner of the All stars slam was Tim Brewis – “Ex-army officer Tim Brewis is a talented poet and Head of English and Drama at Cheltenham College”

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