Half a point

That was the biggest feature of this week – half a point. I went for my interview on Tuesday, all the way to Market Drayton, so it took up most of the day. It was a strange interview; the questions seemed somehow superficial, but I thought I’d done ok. And I had, really; except that someone else got the job, because she got half a point more than I did on their scoring system. Half a point! I felt quite depressed for a few days; this was a big piece of work, financially useful and work I would have wanted to do. But never mind – I had an offer of some more work on Friday, quite out of the blue; there will be other things as well, I expect.

I wrote another job application on Monday, and did the writeup for the young people’s writing groups from the previous Saturday, and in the evening went to see Real Steel. Now, this was not a film I would necessarily have chosen to see – it’s about boxing robots – but actually I enjoyed it enormously. The robots were great and the story, although a bit schmaltzy and predictable, was well-written and well-acted.

After the interview on Tuesday I started on the report for the play I saw last week, and I finished this on Wednesday – it was a long one. I had to look down the back of the sofa to find enough superlatives. I had loads of prison typing to do, and some invoices to pay, and in the evening was a TADS meeting.

Prison on Thursday was good as usual – my group had excelled themselves with their writing, and we’ve had several pieces in for my new project there, including some fantastic drawings. It’s going to be a good book, I think. In the evening I did the writeup and prepared for my GP surgery group the next day… and they were good too. The new lady, who has never written anything before, produced a lovely short story. I did my accounts and some Poetry on Loan work and the TADS minutes, and prepared for my gig the next day.

So, Saturday was open day at The Roses theatre, and I was doing 10 minutes of poetry. This was really fortunate; today I’ll be applying for some work, and they have asked for links to video of each applicant performing. I had hardly anything like this, so the Saturday gig meant The Bloke could do his stuff with the video camera and now it’s all there – the link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnpgiNQ76W8 if you want to have a look.

In the afternoon The Daughter came home, and we set off to collect The Son and go to the annual family reunion in London. This was good fun; my kids are really good company and we enjoyed meeting cousins and second cousins again.

In December I hope to be in a slam that requires a poem on the theme of Beauty and the Beast for the first round; I didn’t enter straight away because I didn’t have a suitable poem, but on Saturday I started one, and it’s now just about finished, so I entered – only to find that the places had all been filled and I’m second on the waiting list. Let’s hope I don’t stay second; I’ve had enough of coming second this week. Half a point isn’t much, but it can make all the difference. I’ll just have to try harder.

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