Present and correct

I’ve had some fun this week, buying Christmas presents – but of course, I can’t say anything about them in case the recipients are reading!

Apart from that, though, I’ve got quite a lot of other things done. On Sunday I sorted loads of email, wrote the TADS minutes, and painted some lights. That sounds strange. I wanted new lights for my dining room but the ones I liked (i.e. the cheap ones) didn’t come in black; a couple of coats of Hammerite (wonderful stuff) soon sorted that out.

On Monday I had my first session with a women’s group in Hereford. They were all a little stiff and awkward to start with, but all ended up writing some great poems. On Tuesday I went to the dentist – this is always such fun! I have good conversations at my dentist’s. The rest of the day was spent with the lovely Kim Hill, planning our arts-based consultations for a new care home in Bristol. I think we’ve ended up with plans for some really good sessions, and we had a nice lunch, too. I wrote up all the notes from our meeting and did some prep for the GP surgery group and some prison work. In the evening I had a long call from The Son, interrupted by a call from The Daughter, and then another from The Mother. They’re like buses, my family – no contact for ages, then three all at once.

Wednesday was a great day, spent at a hospice near Hereford. I ran a workshop in the morning, helping staff to use poetry with patients; this went really well. In the afternoon I worked with patients myself. In the evening I wrote up notes from the day, did my end of month accounts, and ordered stuff we’ll need for our consultations. Oh, and I watched The Frozen Planet on my new tv.

For a change, I didn’t go into the prison on Thursday; it does me good to have a day off from it now and then. I did prepare the first session of the new course I’ll be starting there, though – Philosophy for Beginners, it’s called, and it’s all a bit experimental. And I sorted out a whole lot of stuff to go to charity shops. In the afternoon I went to the hospital, and worked with a lovely gentleman who was really pleased to have someone to talk to.

On Friday I did a load of prison typing – enough to make my back ache – and in the afternoon had my last session for this term at the GP surgery. Again, this went really well; they’ve enjoyed it a lot, and are keen to write poetry next term, which suits me fine. More writeups and typing in the evening.

By Saturday, The Bloke was back from his trip abroad. We went out to buy a camera for the consultations work, and he fixed up all my new lights. What a useful Bloke he is!

And Sunday was my day off – hooray! We went to have a look round the Christmas market in Cheltenham; not much there, really, but I did get a little present for The  Daughter, and then we saw My week with Marilyn. I’m not a great Monroe fan, but this was a nice little film, well-written and acted.

A good week all round, really; everything done that I wanted to get done, pretty much, and that’s quite unusual. Let’s hope that all will be present and correct this week, too, and I can tick off lots more jobs from my list.

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