Busy, busy

I’ve got lots to do so I’ll try to make this a quick blog. (Hooray! cried my reader.)

The big thing on Monday was an arts-based consultation session, concerning art in a new care home. This went really well; the participants all ended up, I think, realising that they were asking for a great deal from their artworks – and they enjoyed the session, too. All very creative. In the evening I marzipanned two Christmas cakes, and wrote all my Christmas cards. A couple of things ticked off the Christmas to-do list.

On Tuesday I did some prep for a little taster session I was running in the afternoon; it went well, with one young woman writing her first ever poem, which was excellent. And then I checked and deleted all my junk email. I do this once a week. For a long time there have been 800 to 1000 junk messages each week; last week there were about 400, and this week there were 74. Things are getting better! I answered loads of emails, and did some prep for the prison. In the evening The Bloke and I went to see Puss in Boots – not a film I had any wish to see, but The Bloke wanted to, so I went along. And it was excellent! Funny, clever, moving; the rendition of the fur was unbelievable, and the way the cats moved, with that typical cat blend of slouch and grace, was perfect.

Wednesday morning started well, with a  phone call from the wife of a cancer patient with whom I had written a poem. She was really pleased with it, and said she would have it framed. More prep for the prison, and for the young peoples’ writing groups I run in Hereford, and for a session I’m running this afternoon. I wrote up some of the notes from the consultation, wrapped some presents, iced the cakes, did some stuff for Poetry on Loan, paid my enormous Visa bill, typed the new poem, and shuddered at all the emails I hadn’t answered.

The prison on Thursday was the usual boost – my group discussed Who controls our freedom? They hardly mentioned the fact that they were incarcerated; this was a much bigger subject than that. I drove straight from the prison to The Mother’s house, to take her presents and cake, and was, as usual, force-fed the whole evening.

On Friday I drove home through the snow, did my accounts and finished the consultation write-up. I must have done something else but I can’t remember what it was; I certainly didn’t get round to all the emails, because they are all still there, looming over me. Oh yes, I know – I did some prep for another arts-based consultation this week. This involved a lot of cutting and sticking, which was never my best subject at school, and I haven’t finished it yet.

On Saturday I worked with the kids in Hereford. They were amazing. They wrote poems about giving and receiving, and I think most of them did the best work I have ever had from them. And in the evening it was off to a gig in Malvern, with the lovely people who run Smoke and Mirrors. Loads of poets were there, all doing a short spot.

Yesterday I got my Christmas tree. It looks lovely, and I’m tempted to just leave it in its natural green state. At some point I will decorate it, but now I have to work and work and work. Too busy for anything.

But towards the end of the week, I guess I will stop working and start getting ready fro Christmas. So, to all my reader – Happy Christmas!

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