I’d planned to do a summary of all the things I’ve done this year – like the end-of-year roundups they have on the tv – but I got fed up with writing the list; my reader will know it all already, so there’s not much point. But it has, all round, been an excellent year: I’ve worked with schoolkids and cancer patients; prisoners and nervous ladies; GP patients and library staff and poets… I’ve had some great gigs and won a slam. On the minus side, I’ve failed to get several jobs I applied for, not put my new book of poems together, not written any new plays, and, most of all, not fulfilled my single New Year’s resolution, which was to sort my house out. But I have done a lot of work on the drive and garden…

Anyway, enough of that. This week, I was told officially that I have been appointed as a poet coach with the Shake the Dust project, which promises to be good fun, and I finished a set of three sessions at a women’s centre in Hereford. And I ran an arts-based consultation with the care home in Bristol, which went really well; the people who had a go all found it fun to do, which was one of the aims. The prison went well, with yet another excellent discussion with my group.

Oh – I went to see the Sherlock Holmes movie. It was terrible; one of the worst I’ve seen this year.

But of course, it was Christmas, so I’ve spent lots of time wrapping presents and decorating the house and tree, and shopping and cleaning and cooking. And I did no work on Christmas Day! The Son was here with his two young cats, and The Daughter was home too, and great fun was had all round. My kids are really entertaining. Yesterday I went shopping with The Daughter, and we got some good bargains – but just as we were gloating over our successes I noticed that someone has scraped the rear wing of my car, quite badly. Oh, rats. That’s going to cost a few hundred quid, and so my new computer will be put off for another few months.

The Daughter will be back home briefly today, and then it will all be over for another year.

I’ve had so many presents, which is lovely. I’ll spend the next few weeks rounding them all up and gradually putting them into use. But first, I must really get down to some work. I’ll start with a big list of all my jobs – round ‘em up, move ‘em out.

Have fun on New Year’s Eve!

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