Money, money, money

I’m having to spend a lot at the moment; I’m usually fairly frugal, and it doesn’t come easily. Oh well – it has to be done sometimes; I just wish it didn’t come all at once. I’ve known for some time that I would need to replace my computer; I’ve had it for nearly 6 years, which is a long time for a laptop. It has served me very well (except for the CD / DVD drive, which failed when it was just out of warranty), but it is struggling to cope now, and I can’t put any more memory on it. I feel quite guilty typing these words on it, knowing that it will be retired by the end of the week. Anyway, after much consideration, I’ve ordered a new one, and The Son will very kindly set it all up for me on Friday. Which means that I’ll spend all week worrying about what could go wrong with the changeover.

Apart from that, I’m waiting for the quote for the paintwork repair on my car, and I’ve had to take the car in for some more work today because there is a strange rattle coming from one wheel. And of course I’ve just booked my holiday.

Otherwise, though, it’s been an interesting week. On Monday morning I was running an arts-based consultation with some dementia patients, which was full on but fun. This was in Bristol, and I had to go straight from there to a meeting about the young people’s writing squads, held in Birmingham; this was useful, but we would benefit from an ideas-sharing session, I think. I came home and paid my income tax (money, money, etc.), and filled in a really annoying form for Adult Education. I’ve been asked to do some workshops (which is a good thing) funded by AdEd; they were all set up and agreed, and then I was asked to fill in an application form. It’s about 9 pages long and most of it is completely irrelevant, but still it had to be done.

Tuesday was emails, and dentist, and a meeting in Cheltenham about the Cheltenham Poetry Festival. I was going to be leading a team in the CPF poetry slam, but Anna, the lovely instigator of the Festival, has asked me to run the slam instead, because she has far too many other things to do. Should be fun! In the afternoon I worked with cancer patients at the hospital; I met a really interesting man there, who has more or less lost his voice, so it all took quite a long time. He was thought-provoking, to say the least.

In the evening I saw The Iron Lady. I’d read some pretty bad reviews of this, which meant that I was pleasantly surprised; Meryl Streep, who I’m usually not keen on (I think her performances are rather mannered) was excellent.

On Wednesday I wrote up the hospital stuff, and went to Ledbury twice – once in the morning for a Ledbury Poetry Festival ideas meeting, and again late afternoon for a Board meeting. I did some analysis of another part of the arts-based consultation, and proof-read part of the next prison book.

Hooray! Thursday was a day at home. I got the new book checked and uploaded for Lulu to publish, which took ages, and did some more stuff for the prison – and also took the first steps for running some poetry workshops for doctors at the Oncology Unit. I do hope this goes ahead; they will be a fascinating group to work with, quite apart from the fact that it would be an unexpected little bit of income (all welcome). And of course, by now there were loads of emails to be dealt with. And prep for the final part of this phase of the consultation.

I had an interview in Birmingham on Friday afternoon. I find it really difficult to concentrate on interview days, so Friday morning was a bit rubbish really. The interview seemed to go ok, but I won’t know whether I got the work until tomorrow.  I met The Daughter briefly in Birmingham; it always gives me a boost when I spend time with my kids. Unfortunately I had to rush off, because in the evening I went to see Dick Whittington – an amateur performance that I have to adjudicate. It was good fun, but I can’t say more, obviously.

Saturday was taken up mostly by looking at computers, and in the evening I finally managed to order one. Gulp. And on Saturday The Bloke and I went to Cardiff, just for a look round; I’ve never really been there before. I rather liked it, although it was freezing cold. And I started the adjudication.

So, this week I have lots of reports and prep to do. And of course bills to pay. Makes the world go round.

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