All change

I’m typing this on my new computer! It’s superfast – even The Son admired its speed. I’m going to be slow, though, because I’ll have to set up everything how I like it again, and redo all my favourite things. So far no real problems, except that I haven’t got my internet bookmarks – but they needed to be weeded, anyway. But this is a big change – I’ve had the old one for nearly six and a half years (I checked), and now I have Windows 7 and a big screen and a fast processor and lots of memory… If only that were true of me, rather than the machine.

Anyway, it’s been a busy week. On Monday my car had to go in for some new brake pads (the noise wasn’t as serious as I’d feared), and I did a lot of prep, wrote up the adjudication report for the panto I saw last week, answered emails, and wrapped presents for The Bloke’s birthday.

On Tuesday I heard that I hadn’t got the work that I was interviewed for on the previous Friday. This was a bit disappointing, because it would have been really interesting, but apparently I had too much experience; it’s a development rôle, and I don’t need so much development. I do understand – but whenever I don’t get some work I go into a bit of a decline for a while. To cheer myself up, I did a bit of a clothes clearout, but that just made things worse – so many things were too small for me. Clothes shrink, don’t they, when they are left in a cupboard. I spent ages on the prison newsletter, not helped by problems with my old computer, and started the Arts Council interim report for Poetry on Loan; I hope to finish this today. In the evening I went to a rehearsal. Our current production of The Threepenny Opera has been hit hard by cast changes, and the rehearsal didn’t go that well, I thought. And boy, wasn’t it cold!

Wednesday was more prison prep, and then an arts-based consultation session inBristol. This mostly went well, until we hit something that we knew they would have problems with. But I had a bad sinus headache, and couldn’t really concentrate in the TADS meeting in the evening. I did some proofreading for the Ledbury Poetry Festival, but it was hard going.

Prison on Thursday. It’s been all change there this week, with a new timetable for work and education periods, and, as I half expected, the guys for my group hadn’t been brought over to the classroom. They were rounded up in the end, though, and we had our usual good session. I got the newsletter printed in a test version, and had it okayed by the Governor, and went to see a new guy for the group. When I went to confirm that he was ok to join, the woman who looks after these things said she had printed off my waiting list. There are 36 guys on my waiting list! What am I going to do with them all? Perhaps I should be working there fulltime. I did the write up in the evening and made a cake for The Bloke.

On Friday I did some preparation for the big changeover; copying files took ages. And then my session with the GP surgery group – first one this term. They wrote some great poems! I’m really pleased that they wanted to do more poetry this term. The Son was home, working away to set up the new machine and upgrade my phone software at a time. He did a fine job.

In the evening The Bloke and I celebrated his birthday by going to see The Artist, in the Screening Rooms, the posh cinema inCheltenham. I must admit that although the direction and acting (especially the dog) in the film were good, I found it a bit of a struggle. I’m so much a words person that I kinda feel that if nobody is saying anything, then nothing’s happening; I fall asleep in action sequences.

And on Saturday The Bloke came round to my house and encouraged me to start tidying my office. This is long overdue. We threw out two black bags full of stuff, and that was really only an attempt on the south face; the rest will have to wait until I have finished all the reports I have to write this week. But it’s a start for the big change that will be seen in my working environment. Not before time.


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