On a mission

It’s been an odd week, and, looked at in one way, I haven’t done much. But I went on a mission, and completed it successfully. Monday was fairly normal – lots of prep, Poetry on Loan work, answering emails, making props for the play, and work with my wonderful GP surgery group inTewkesbury; they were terrific. But in the evening came a phone call from my mum – she was really ill, with a  chest infection, and felt very weak; she needed help.

So on Tuesday, after going to buy her some medicine and making an important phone call, I went up to Cheshire, where she lives. I stayed there until Friday morning. She was rather ill when I got there, poor thing, but by Friday she was much better. While I was there I finished the adjudication for the play I had seen the previous Friday, and finished the hospital book and the latest prison book; apart from this I made meals and cups of tea and phone calls for my mum, and took the dog for walks. She is a very sweet little dog, but has very strange teeth and cataracts over her eyes; she looks like something from a horror movie – zombie dog, perhaps – but is called, strangely, Beauty. Anyway, mission accomplished!

On Friday, after a long time on the motorway because of the aftermath of an accident, I arrived home just in time to go out for my other GP surgery group, and went almost straight away to see another play. And on Saturday I had three groups of kids – all terrific – to work with in the Writing Squads inHereford. I mowed the front lawn when I got home, and on Sunday went with The Bloke for a long bike ride.

And now I have mountains of emails and mail to deal with, plus all the work I wasn’t able to do last week. It’s like coming back from holiday, but without having had the holiday. So – a very short blog this week; so much to do! Now I’m on a mission to try to catch up to where I should be.

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