I shouldn’t feel smug, really, but I do have a little bit of smugness, because I’ve done so much this week; it’s been really busy, but worth it for the results.

I started on Monday with some long phone calls, and my end-of-month and end-of-year accounting. Loads of emails, and a session with one of my GP surgery groups inTewkesbury, which went well; they really try hard. I wrote that up, and wrote up the session with the other GP group, and then I couldn’t sleep, and at 1:30 in the morning wrote a job reference for a friend.

On Tuesday I did some more arts-based consultation work at a care home inBristol; this went really well, with some good findings. In the evening I went to a rehearsal for TADS’ next production – I’ll have to go to pretty well all of them from now on – and I started writing a new one-act play. This really got into my head, and I had to get up early on Wednesday to write some more. I checked through the design of a leaflet to be produced by Poetry on Loan, and sent some corrections to the designers, and prepared for my prison session. And then I did lots of invoices! For various reasons I could hardly invoice for anything last month; this month I should get a bit of money in, I hope. I sorted through and dealt with the stack of snail mail that’s built up, did some prep for an event I’m in at Cheltenham Poetry festival next week, and finished one of the play adjudications from the previous weekend. And I wrote a new poem.

Thursday was the prison; my group were terrific, as always, and I got a lot done, but I was tired when I got home. Still, I wrote up the prison stuff and typed the new poem, which is for entry to a competition. And typed up some of my new play.

On Friday I was expecting The Son to come home, so I worked really hard to get as much done as possible before he arrived. He didn’t turn up, and eventually I texted him to ask if he was coming; he said he wasn’t – he knew I was busy, so he didn’t want to distract me! Meanwhile, I had written more of the play, got my accounts up-to-date, answered loads of emails, done some prison work, prepared and published three – yes, three! – books on Lulu, written most of a job application, and mowed both lawns. I started the next adjudication, typed up the new bit of the play, and went to a rehearsal.

So – the weekend, but no rest for me yet. I wrote more of the play and finished the second adjudication.

And then I went to see The Bloke, and did almost nothing, for the rest of the weekend.  We went to see Hunger Games, which was ok – not as good asCasablanca, which I watched on tv earlier, but then, what is? Oh – I finished the play, and got it all typed up.

Phew! I am feeling a little bit smug, still – a whole play in a week isn’t bad going, quite apart from all the rest – but there’s still, as always, loads to do, so the smugness is wearing off a bit now.


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