Why don’t people…?

Have you ever started a sentence like this? I’ve said it a lot this week. Of course I often don’t… whatever it is, myself, but somehow there’s always a reason for one’s own bad behaviour.

So, Tuesday I answered loads of emails, finished a job application, and went to the hospital. I met a lovely man there; there’s nearly always someone at the hospital who makes me feel good about life. But why don’t the people in the department run things better? Patients have to wait for hours, sometimes, in a blank empty space, apparently designed to make them feel worse. Rehearsal in the evening; it went quite well, but why don’t people learn their lines earlier? Rehearsals are so much easier if everyone knows their lines from a really early stage.

On Wednesday I finished my hospital writeup, and tidied up my new one act play and entered it for a competition. I had to phone almost all the entrants for the GDA One Act Play Festival, to remind them that they needed to get their entry forms and fees in. Why don’t people do things like this on time? Some of them had very good reasons, but not all. I planned the set for my gig this Wednesday (Everyman Theatre Other Space studio, 6 pm, 18th – come along! There are three other terrific poets – Jonny Fluffypunk, Emma Purshouse and Fergus Mcgonagal, so it’s not just me spouting) and had a little practice. I thought the poems would take about 15 minutes – my allotted time – and the first runthrough came to 15 min .077 seconds – not bad planning! I went to two Ledbury Poetry Festival meetings in the evening, and finally got round to the ironing mountain.

On Thursday morning I wrote a new poem! I’m quite pleased with it; it might even be my entry for the Ledbury Poetry Festival poetry competition, not that I have a hope of winning. It still needs a bit of work, but the basics are there. I had to take my car in to get the windscreen washer fixed, and then I did lots of prep for my GP surgery groups. I answered loads of emails. I sometimes think Why do people keep sending me emails? but of course they have to; it’s how the work gets done – though some of them are totally unnecessary. And I did lots of prep for the slam I’m running this Friday (another good event -CheltenhamTown Hall, 9 pm, Friday 20th).

On Friday 13th I had to attend a speed awareness course. I’m a bit embarrassed about this, because obviously it means I was caught speeding. I know how and why it happened, and I could make excuses, but it was my fault. But why didn’t some people on the course accept responsibility for speeding? They say that the speed cameras are just there to make money, but don’t seem to make the connection that if they didn’t break the speed limits, they wouldn’t be fined. In the afternoon I had one of my GP surgery groups; we are doing some amazing stuff.

On Saturday I more or less finished my slam prep. The Son and His Girlfriend were here, and I took them to a wedding. And on Sunday I had my last year’s birthday present! Finally, after an absolute pain of trying to book it through Red Letter Days (why don’t people organise their businesses better?) The Bloke and I went Segwaying. A Segway is a two-wheeled platform with an electric motor. You stand on the platform and lean forward to make it go forward, and backward to make it stop; there’s a handle to turn it. After a bit of training we went round a track in some woods, full of bumps and twisty bits, and it was great fun. After an hour I felt one with my machine, and wanted to take it home with me. Ah well.

Another busy week is ahead, but some of it should be fun. Why don’t you all come to the gig and the slam?

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