Properties and problems

Well, who’d have thought it? Another busy week. The play is hotting up now, and my body has responded to stress in the way it usually does – a migraine and a cold sore. Don’t get me wrong – I really like a bit of stress; it keeps me on my toes – but every now and then I do need to lie down.

So – Monday I wrote up the young people’s writing squads from Saturday, prepared for my GP surgery group and ran it, did all my end-of-month accounting, took the faulty laser cartridge in to the replacements people, mowed both lawns, had my hair cut, broke three glasses, and did some ironing. All of these were intentional except for breaking the glasses – that happened when I got some rarely-used serving plates out of the cupboard to use as props.

On Tuesday I wrote up the GP surgery group stuff, sorted out more props, prepared for my other GP surgery group, wrote my three-monthly prison report, had three long phone calls, finished clearing the junk-heap living room and went to rehearsal. And sent a card to a friend of mine, younger than I am, who has had a heart attack. Hmm. By the end of the day the headache had started, and…

…by Wednesday it was raging. I had to keep lying down, with intermittent hours of feeling ok when the painkillers kicked in. I handled loads of emails, did a lot of Poetry on Loan work, started sorting clothes out for my holiday, collected the replacement toner cartridge, and cleaned the living room and put new curtains up. This particular room has been a mess for years, and the jackdaws who came down the chimney and lived in it for a couple of days didn’t help at all. Cleaning wasn’t a matter of light dusting and a quick vacuum round. But it looks so much better now! And I went through the policies and procedures for the Ledbury Poetry Festival, to see which ones need updating this year.

No prison this week, so on Thursday, with my headache still recurring when it felt like it, I did more PoL work, more props preparation, some prep for the prison next week, made a book for one of my GP surgery groups, and did some more ironing. And I spent some time looking online at new printers. My old one is leaving a smudge down the middle of each page. It still works ok, but the replacement cartridge didn’t fix it, and so for any printing where a decent quality is required, it’s no good.

By Friday I felt fine again. Hospital, accounts, shopping, hospital writeup, other GP surgery group, rehearsal, emails. And on Saturday I did my Surgery group writeup and bought a new printer (ouch).

It’s all been a bit of a treadmill, but along the way I met a couple of amazing people in the hospital, and was delighted with how the people in my GP groups are going; I felt useful at the rehearsals. And on Sunday I didn’t do much – just typed in a list of names and addresses of people whose poems are in the new book of hospital poems, ready for a mailout. And on Monday I did some sewing and went to see Avengers Assemble. Ok, this was never going to be a deep and thought-provoking film, but you know what? It was great, and it made me laugh! Just the thing to watch after a week of problems.

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