Too much!

It’s all been a bit much this week. It started well, with a good session with one of my GP surgery groups, but then there was a rather difficult TADS meeting; I still haven’t written the minutes, although I usually try to do them the next day. On Tuesday I wrote up the surgery session, and prepared for my other surgery group, before going out to the school inBirminghamwhere I’m working with teenagers on a slam project. It went well, fortunately – the kids were terrific (although we’ve lost some of the original group) and wrote some good stuff. It was supposed to be a 2-hour session, but for various reasons we only had an hour, which meant that we didn’t reach the point I had hoped we would be at – but there was nothing I could do about that. Straight from there I went to a training session for the same project, which was invigorating once we’d found the place, through satnav malfunctions and a violent hailstorm, which meant we couldn’t hear what the satnav was saying anyway. In the evening I went to a rehearsal, but left early, and wrote up the school session and prepared for the next one, answered loads of emails, and ordered a new satnav charger.

I was already stressed and it was still only Tuesday.

On Wednesday I did some prep for the prison and worked on programmes for the GDA one-act play festival, and then caught the train toLondonfor the awards event for the Dying Matters competition, in which one of my poems had been highly commended. It was interesting; the other prizewinning pieces are extremely good. And I met a hospice manager who might want me to go and work with her patients. The train got in to Evesham at about half-past midnight…

…and I was up at the crack of dawn to go to the prison. This was ok; I’ve started a new poetry course with my group, and we have two new members, who were both really keen. We started by listening to a cd of a play the guys wrote and performed, and everyone enjoyed it hugely. They asked me to thank The Bloke for putting it together so well – so, thanks, The Bloke!

The Daughter was home – she was in between jobs and had a few days off – and we cleaned the whole house and weeded the patio ready for the party The Son was having with his friends from school – they are all 30 now, so it was a kind of joint 30th birthday party. I answered some emails and did the prison writeup, and then went out to collect The Son and his girlfriend from a wedding – back home by about 1 am.

Friday was another session with the school; this went really well. We had them for a good long time. One group really improved their poem and worked out a performance; the other abandoned their first poem and, by the end of the session, had written a very good new one. We’re on our way! From Birmingham I went straight to work with my other GP surgery group – only one person turned up, but we had a very useful session together. I dashed home, hoping for a quick go on the bouncy castle that these grown-up 30-year-olds had had to play with, but it had started raining and they had let it down. After a brief sleep and a few emails, off I went again to the first performance of The Threepenny Opera – I was looking after props and other bits and pieces. It wasn’t too bad, but the cast were very nervous.

On Saturday morning I did my accounts and wrote up the school session, and did some prep for the final two performances. The matinée went ok, although with a tiny audience, and the final performance went really well – so that’s all done and dusted. It’s been quite a fraught and difficult show, and I’m not sorry that it’s over, really.

The Bloke and I nipped back to the theatre on Sunday to help with the clearing up, and then took a load of stuff to the tip. I wrote up some prison stuff, and then fell asleep. Not surprisingly.

It really has all been a bit much this week; unfortunately, the coming week isn’t much better – in fact, probably even busier because I have so many emails to catch up with, and they always take an age. Never mind – I guess you can’t have too much of a good thing, really!

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