The last week

This has been the last week of my incredibly busy period, and I have been so, so tired. Monday was the usual prep day – invoices and prep for events this week – and I paid my income tax bill. Gulp.

But I had things on every day except Monday, and with little time for prep I felt vaguely unprepared all week; I wasn’t, really, but I do like to feel that I have given plenty of time to preparation.

Anyway, on Tuesday I went to a meeting about the ArtLift project. It’s always good to meet my fellow-artists; we come across each other only two or three times a year, so it’s interesting to catch up on developments. I didn’t go out in the evening, as I often do on Tuesdays, because I had just too much to do.

Wednesday was an early morning, because I had to drive toShrewsburywhere I was jointly running a training session for Poetry on Loan, with the wonderful Mandy Ross. The drive was more fun than usual, because I gave a lift to Jonny Fluffypunk, an excellent poet, who was attending the course. We had some very good feedback, although some of the forms bemused me – two people said they expected to learn more about Poetry on Loan, but this was a training session devoted to using poetry in working with vulnerable groups, so why would they expect that? Everyone else was happy with the session and found it useful.

When I got home I happened to look in the cupboard where I keep biscuits and snacks; I always take a packet of biscuits in for my prison group, so I keep a few in store. However, the mice had found them. I had blocked up one entrance to this cupboard, after finding a mouse in there, brazenly staring at me. They had found another entrance. I wouldn’t mind so much if they just settled down and ate a whole packet of biscuits, but no; they nibble the pack and two or three biscuits from one end, and then move onto the next pack. Little pests! I spent a bit of time clearing up all the mess from the cupboard and blocking the second access point. This left time for some more prep…

…and on Thursday I was in the prison. My group had worked really hard on their homework, as they always do. I spent the afternoon getting ready for a visit to the prison by Matt Harvey (star of radio, radio and Totnes) and on one-to-one sessions. But oh, I was tired, and in the evening I was hosting the Lydney poetry slam. I didn’t know how I was going to manage, but well, the adrenaline kicked in and in fact it was a lovely evening, thoroughly enjoyed by the small but perfect audience – and by the poets, too.

On Friday morning I did my accounts and wrote the minutes for the last TADS meeting, and had my last-but-one session with the GP surgery group. I even managed to mow the grass; the rain stopped for long enough, just. I wrote up my prison and surgery work; nearly up-to-date.

On Saturday we went to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company doing their sports show in Tewkesbury. This is a strange mixture of three men running about and doing silly things, and some quite intelligent banter; fun, anyway.

And on Sunday I was lazy. I did some prison typing and went to B&Q, and that was about it – the last busy week over.

And this week? Still busy, but not so much dashing about. Time to get on with it and forget about last week…

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