The pettiness of the common cold

I’ve always thought that the existence of the common cold is proof of the non-existence of a benevolent supreme being. There are arguments that a god might create suffering for good reasons (although I don’t think these are good arguments) but what sort of nice god would willingly create the common cold? What is its point?
It’s probably obvious now that I’ve got one – a cold, that is – but actually this isn’t a common cold. Usually when I get colds a feel a little off-colour for a day or two, and then cough for a few days, but carry on more or less as normal. This one’s different; it’s really laid me out – made me sick, taken away all my energy. And I’ve coughed so hard that I’ve injured my back.
But enough of this pathetic misery! I seem to have spent a lot of time on prison work this week – pretty well all of Monday and lot of Tuesday, in one way or another. I did include some work on the writing squad book, and some online Christmas shopping. Oh, and I struggled through the floods to work with my GP group on Monday, who did some excellent work as usual.
On Wednesday I had two sessions at the hospital, divided by a period of offline Christmas shopping – real shopping, in real shops, something I quite enjoy sometimes. I met two wonderful women at the hospital, too – sisters who had both had cancer at the same time and supported each other through it. They bucked me up no end. In the evening I answered emails and got everything ready for the prison.
Thursday was when my cold came into its full splendour, but I managed to do all I had to do at the prison. I had planned to go to Hit the Ode, a great poetry night in Birmingham, but I really wasn’t up to it; I did manage some writeups, though, before I subsided.
On Friday I went to a meeting about the GP surgery group, and did my end of month accounting and my prison end of month reports and prepared for the GP group for next week, and felt awful. On Saturday I felt even worse, so my trip to Cirencester was a bit of a washout; on Sunday things seemed a little brighter, and today I believe I’m on the road to recovery. I just need to go back to bed for a while first.

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