Happy Christmas!

I like Christmas morning, when I’m up on my own, getting everything ready while my kids are still asleep.

I’m sure nobody cares what I’ve been doing this week, but of course I do, and my blog is a record for me as well as an indication to any possible employers (or anyone else who’s interested) about the sorts of things I do. But I’ll keep it brief because there are potatoes to peel…

Monday was pretty well all prep, except for my GP surgery group – our last session in its current form. Next term they will be running it more on their own, with my occasional presence.

And talking of presents, obviously I’ve wrapped the rest of those this week, and decorated the tree and put the cards up – but so has everyone else. On Tuesday I completed all the forms I have to do for the GP surgery group, and sent them off, and in the evening went to see Seven Psychopaths: not what you would call a seasonal movie, but a very good one, with some great lines.

Loads of emails on Wednesday, and prep for the prison. I went into the prison for a short while on Wednesday evening, then out for a Christmas meal with the people from the education department, one of whom very kindly let me stay overnight.

And then on Thursday – well, I had one of the best workshops ever with my prison group. Coming up to Christmas, other education classes watch DVDs or play games. We had a serious, thoughtful, philosophical discussion about whether drugs should be decriminalised. I was so impressed with the quality of their arguments, and the careful, well-mannered way in which they refuted points put forward by others. They were amazing. On top of that, one of them had written a stunning poem for homework, and we received some very good feedback from the Koestler judges, and  the Christmas edition of the newsletter was out in time for Christmas, and there’s a possibility of some extra work there. What a good day!

Afterwards I did all my Christmas food shopping, and some more wrapping.

Friday was spent cleaning the house ready for The Son’s Christmas Eve eve party, and answering emails. On Saturday I was with my young people’s writing groups in Hereford. We had Christmas parties, with the kids reading some of their pieces for their parents and munching party food. The kids were terrific! More cleaning and preparation in the evening and on Sunday – the room for the party hasn’t been used since June and was in a bit of a mess.

Yesterday I made sausage rolls and mince pies and cheese straws and – well, it’s Christmas now, so I’d better get on with all the rest of the stuff.

Have a lovely time over the holidays!  May your days be filled with joy.

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