Counting the days

Counting the days

Blog entries will be quite brief for the next few weeks. I can’t go out to work because I can’t drive, and I can sit up only for brief periods, so there’s not really much going on.

Good news is that I won’t need an operation on my foot, although the consultant said, “I’d love to do it! It’s a big, gory operation, and I’d get to play.” I have a lightweight plaster which will be taken off in four weeks. On the other hand, I do have to inject myself in the stomach every day with blood-thinning drugs, and there’s nothing I can do about the pain in my bum (which is the worst bit) except wait for it to get better.

Oh, that’s too much info.

I’ve had a good phone call today with a possibility of some work in a prison – work I really need – and one or two other things have come up. I just hope that these things can wait until I’m up and about.

I can’t wait until I’m up and about, and fully working again. I’m counting the days.

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