Looking up

It’s been a bit up and down and up this week. Good day on Monday, with more driving, but no help from Orange with my Outlook problem. I suppose I can’t blame them, really; they said they used to help people with this problem but there were so many that they had to stop.

But on Tuesday I was hurting a lot, and I felt a bit down again – and then we went to see Song for Marian, which isn’t the cheeriest film ever, although it did feature exceptionally good acting by Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave.

Anyway, on Wednesday I ventured out on an expedition. I had to pick up a prescription from the doctor, which was all ok. I decided that if there were a parking space outside the bank I’d go in and pay in a few cheques, and there was, so I did, but I had to stand about in there for ages. Next to the chemist; I would have to wait for 20 minutes for the prescription, so I thought I would pop into the supermarket to buy one or two things. In the supermarket I met someone I vaguely know, who offered to help me (it’s difficult to manage even a push along basket when you have no hands free), and she said she would carry my shopping to the car for me. I ended up with much more than I had planned for, and in a gesture of proud independence said I could carry it all myself. So, with a rucksack full of stuff, I went back to the chemist and then to my car. I had to stop to rest four times. I was shattered.

How do they do it, those people on crutches all the time? I felt such a wimp for feeling tired, when there are people who cope with all these petty (and big) problems every day of their lives.

In the evening I went to the Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting in the evening, though, to hear more about an exciting new development.

On Thursday I backed up all my files, ready for the havoc I was likely to cause by trying to fix my Outlook problem myself – but in fact, none of the online solutions seemed to fit the screens I saw in front of me, so after a while I gave up.

But I have proofread the prisons diary book, and Friday was a great day, and over the weekend I had a good rest. Now my foot looks far more like a real foot, with veins and an ankle and everything, and I don’t seem to need quite so many painkillers, and I’m feeling better about everything. Four more weeks to go in the boot, and things are definitely looking up.

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