…but not in a good way. My gas boiler timer failed on Thursday, and oh, it’s been cold since then! The man has been to fix it this morning, so things should start improving soon. To be fair, I could have had it repaired on Friday afternoon or evening or on Saturday, but I was working the whole time.

It hasn’t been a bad week for work. I went to the hospital (as a poet, rather than a patient) for the first time since my fall, and it all went well; I met some lovely people. I revised some policies for the Ledbury Poetry Festival, and had a session with some hospice patients near Hereford. They were great! We started with about 3 people, but the group grew as the session went on, and they really surprised themselves – I love it when that happens. I went straight from there to the final session at the prison, which was an open not-mic in the prison library. Seven prisoners came along to read their poems, and a good time was had by all. They were all really sorry that the short project had ended, and I was given a bunch of flowers – aah!

On Saturday I was working with my young people’s writing groups in Hereford. My windscreen cracked on the way there, but held together; it will be fixed tomorrow. And I found that slush and crutches really don’t go well together. But despite the weather we had reasonable numbers, and as always they were full of ideas and enthusiasm.

Also this week, I’ve done a big job application. The closing date was Wednesday, and interviews were today. I thought I had a reasonable chance of being shortlisted for this one, but I’ve heard nothing, so obviously I wasn’t what they were looking for. Ah well. I’m fairly chilled about this, even with my little heater on; in this line of work you have to make so many applications, and a lot of them are unsuccessful, whoever you are.

On a more positive note (obviously C), I completed the final lot of Koestler entries for my old prison, and managed to do quite a lot of work on My Book of Pomes; I was asked to do a couple of gigs; and I went up an escalator! I know, that sounds trivial, but believe me, it takes a bit of thought when you’re on crutches – which leg goes where, and when? What’s more, I came down the escalator, too.

I’ve got lots to do today and tomorrow, and then I’ll be in the last week of the boot. I think it’s going to hurt a bit when I start walking without artificial aids, but you know what? I’m really quite relaxed about that, too.

Now, if only it would start getting warmer…

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