Me, competitive? I realised this week just how competitive I can be. I went to the fracture clinic on Tuesday, and yes, I don’t have to wear the funny boot any more, although I’ll still need a crutch for a couple of weeks, and no, there isn’t anything they can do about my poor bum. But the consultant said that I was doing very well – there was more flexibility in my foot than he would expect to see three months from now. And I punched the air and said “Yes!” Oh dear. I am so competitive that I actually want to be the best foot patient. At least I realise that this is rather sad.

In the evening we went to see Trance, which was ok, but with rather too many twists and turns.

On Wednesday I was back at the hospital, but working with cancer patients – again two smashing ladies who were really positive about everything.. I answered emails and did lots of prep and practice for my gig this coming weekend, and worked on my collected book of poems. In the evening we had the last rehearsal for my play; they were terrific, and I had high hopes for the performance at the weekend.

I was hurting a lot on Thursday (too much walking without my crutch the day before), and spent most of the day on Poetry on Loan work; this will soon be in full swing for our next funding phase and I have to be ready to get things going quickly. More practice for the gig, and for a slam on Friday; more prep; more work on my book.

On Friday I went to a probation hostel, where I might be working with the men soon; this gave me lots of useful information about how to target the proposal. I needed to do some shopping and thought I would go into Asda, which I passed on the way back, rather than my local Morrisons. This was a big mistake. It’s a very big Asda, and walking around it with a shopping trolley was just too much. I must have looked in pain because a kind woman offered to help me put the shopping in the car and take the trolley back. I managed to put the shopping away when I got home, and finished working on my book, but really I was wrecked and had to lie down. This is what comes of being too competitive and trying to do too much too soon.

On Saturday I rested , with The Bloke looking after me. He has been terrific through all this.

And Sunday was the Worcestershire Theatre Festival – really well run and friendly. We were on last of 12 plays (6 Saturday, 6 Sunday). There had been one really good one on Saturday, and there was one really good one on Sunday afternoon. I think we were probably third, after these two, which meant that we didn’t get through to the next round. My cast and crew gave excellent performances – the two men were nominated for the Best Actor award, quite rightly – but one of them was feeling quite ill, and they were tired, and the pace dropped in the last scene… but anyway, I was really pleased with them, and I think that whatever they did we wouldn’t have been in the top two. It’s such a joy seeing a play wot I wrote coming to life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better cast and crew – and The Daughter came to watch; the first time she has seen one of my plays. I won the Best Original Piece for Theatre award for the play itself, which was lovely; but I feel I’ve let the others down for not directing them well enough. Ah well. It doesn’t matter how competitive you are – you can’t win everything, even if you’re Bradley Wiggins.

And it was the first day since my fall that I haven’t spent at least some time lying down. Ouch.

It’s a busy week this week, so I’ll have to lie down whenever I can to make up for it; perhaps I can be the best loafer in my village…

And I’ve just discovered I had a letter printed in the Guardian magazine on Saturday! Not an important one on some burning topic of the day, but still – it’s a first for me, and I can’t help feeling pleased.


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