Sunshine and poetry

As you can tell from the title, I’m feeling rather better than I was last week – but who wouldn’t be, with today’s lovely weather?

But I’ve done quite a lot this week, anyway. On Monday I worked with my ex-GP surgery group who are carrying on mostly on their own. It’s not easy to do this, but a few of them are plugging on with determination. I did a lot of Poetry on Loan work, too, although quite a few of the emails I’ve sent out recently haven’t arrived, which is strange.

On Tuesday I did Arts Award training; I am now a qualified Bronze and Silver Arts Award  Adviser. It reminded me that I really don’t like courses very much; I think I could have got as much information by reading the handbook for an hour as I did by sitting there for most of a day. I’m just better at learning things by reading. Anyway, it was ok, although I was hurting a bit by the end. In the evening I saw Olympus has fallen, which I would sum up as exciting tosh.

Wednesday is my GP surgery group day – one group in Ross in the morning (and they were very good), and one in Tewkesbury in the afternoon (who were also very good), followed by a one-to-one session, which was, guess what, very good. When I say “very good” what I mean is that the people in these groups allow themselves to be pushed out of their comfort zones, and have a go at anything, however strange it may seem, that I ask them to do. I really admire their willingness and – well, it’s not quite daring, but something like that. In the evening I did all the writeups and lots of prep for next week, and made some chocolate truffles. As you do.

On Thursday I had to visit the building society, and go to the bank, and have a filling repaired at the dentist, which was fun. No, really, I mean it – it’s always fun going to my dentist. I worked at the hospital in the afternoon, with a lovely lady who was there with her husband, and I wrote it all up when I got home and did lots of prep and some more Poetry on Loan work.

Friday was a bit of a trial. I left home at 8:15 for a meeting in Birmingham, which lasted about 2½ hours, then drove to Dursley for another meeting which lasted about 2½ hours, then drove home. Much too much sitting! I was aching badly by the time I got home, but answered some emails and put a new video on YouTube of me doing a couple of poems. Well, it’s not new, really – the gig was late last year, but it’s one of those things that hasn’t got done since I was injured. And I did some prep for my first session at a prison next week.

I’ve just realised – this is all very much like the blogs I used to write before my fall, apart from a few mentions of aching – I’m well and truly back in the saddle.

On Saturday I did some more Poetry on Loan work – prep for a course I’ll be running – and then went to The Bloke’s house. We had a pleasant weekend, which included some mooching about. I haven’t mooched for months! And on Sunday evening I went to Buzzwords, the poetry café in Cheltenham, to hear Alison Brackenbury read some poems, and to try out my new one. Alison was excellent, and my new poem (which is about my fall) went down well. I’m back online as far as poetry is concerned as well as normal work – at least I hope so. And the poetry will last longer than this little bout of sunshine will.

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