Looking up

It’s been a good week, really. My new painkillers have certainly made things a lot easier, although I’ve noticed that I’ve started stuttering a bit, and I think this is a side effect. Stuttering isn’t really a good thing for a performance poet, but I’m managing.

On Tuesday I had two sessions with adult literacy groups; lovely people, and very chatty, so no problems with getting them to join in. When I got home I dealt with a whole lot of emails, and went out to see Iron Man 3, which was, well, much as you would expect – lots of action and special effects.

On Wednesday I had my two GP surgery groups. They are such special people, who do all they can to meet my demands of them; I think I’m quite a hard taskmaster, but they seem to enjoy being pushed a bit.

Loads more emails (there have been a lot of emails this week!), and a TADS meeting in the evening.

On Thursday I was at home, and got lots done – all the writeups from the workshops earlier in the week, and some invoicing, and prep for next week, and practice for a slam; lots of phone calls – and I got out some of my summer clothes and even did a batch of ironing – my first for four months! I can’t think how I’ve managed to get away with no ironing for so long, but it’s made me think that perhaps I do too much normally.

On Friday I planned to work in the hospital, but I had a few things to do in Cheltenham first, and I had overestimated my staying power, and by the time I had finished my errands I was just too tired, and hurting too much, to go to the hospital. Silly of me; I haven’t yet worked out what my limitations are. But I did some useful stuff at home instead – my accounts, and prep for a meeting today; and then I went to run a poetry group in a prison. They worked so hard, and wrote some really good poems, too. I wrote the minutes for the TADS meeting, and finished the ironing.

On Saturday I wrote up the prison session, and in the evening went to Swindon for the poetry slam that’s part of their Literature Festival. I won this slam in 2001, and it’s been an unwritten rule that you don’t enter a slam again once you’ve won it, but recently this has been relaxed (so it’s even less written?), and if a previous win was five or more years ago, then it’s okay to try again. So I did – and I won! The other guy in the final (I think his name was Dave Viney, but I’m not sure about his surname) was very good, and it could have gone either way, but I made it by just one point. I’m feeling very pleased, obviously. It means I get a place in the big slam in Cheltenham in October. The poem about my fall from the ladder went down extremely well.

And on Sunday we went out to see bluebells, but they are out a bit late this year, and there wasn’t all that much to see, so we mooched around Stow for a while; I wrote a little poem about it.

And today I’ve had a meeting with some other prison writers, and we’ve made plans for progressing a funding bid – all good stuff.

So, although the weather has taken a turn for the worse again, I have got lots to do, and it’s all things I enjoy. I am a lucky person. If only there were an extra day in each week, so I could do something about my poor garden… but if I keep looking up, I won’t notice it.

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