Looking forward

It’s not long now until I go on holiday. I’m a bit concerned about this – half of my clothes won’t fit, for a start, and walking for more than half an hour is still painful, as is sitting for any length of time – but I’m still hoping for major steps in the recovery process before I go. More importantly, I’ve started looking forward to it. I love my holidays. Ok, it’s only for one week in a year, and it’s not doing something exotic and exciting like walking in the Himalayas, but a week in the sunshine (in Kefalonia, thank you for asking) is a little bit of heaven for me.

Meanwhile, I’ve got lots to do. I’ve done lots this week, in fact. On Monday I did prep and practice (for gigs), and some Poetry on Loan stuff, and had a session with my ArtLift follow-on group. I make them work so hard, and they keep wanting me to go back again; which is yet more evidence for all my theories about people.
In the evening I saw The Great Gatsby. I haven’t read the book since I was a teenager, but I felt that the film captured its spirit (as far as I could remember it) perfectly, with some brilliant cinematography. Ignore what the critics said, and go and see it!

On Tuesday I worked with two groups in Hereford – my last session with them, unfortunately. They are very chatty groups but keen to have a go at anything, and they have surprised themselves with their writing, which is very rewarding for me.

In the evening I had a gig in Malvern. I was tired, and I forgot to take my special cushion, and I was on last, but it all went ok. I had a bit of a problem with this, though. It was called a cabaret; it included a burlesque dancer. But can anyone tell me why people who would regard page three pics of topless girls exploitative find burlesque acceptable? I just thought it was tacky. Nothing personal against the dancer, but really, why do this? Why watch this?

Anyway, back to proper work on Wednesday – loads of emails and writeups, and the GP surgery group in the afternoon. I say group, but in fact only one person came, but she did really well. In the evening I did more writeups, and invoicing, and lots of Poetry on Loan stuff.

On Thursday a man came to give me a quote for a new boiler. My boiler is nearly 28 years old, and it’s given great service, but I have to face the fact that if it goes seriously wrong they won’t be able to get replacement parts for it. But it’s such a lot of money to get a new one!

I worked at the hospital with two lovely women, and did some prep for forthcoming gigs, and went to the prison to run a book group. No names had been put down, but we gradually acquired a group of 5, which is fine.

Friday was accounts day, as usual, and I did lots of tidying and sorting. And I received a lovely planter full of flowering plants from the new mayor of Cheltenham, to say thank you for doing some poems at her inauguration; this was completely unexpected and very pleasing. Then loads more Poetry on Loan stuff; I’m up-to-date with it all, now.

And I tried on the clothes I want to take on holiday, and oh dear, many of them don’t fit. The problem is that I haven’t been able to take any exercise for months, and I feel like a slug.

But on Saturday I had my young people’s writing groups in Hereford, and they were an absolute delight. And on Sunday The Bloke and I had a bike ride. It was wonderful to be out in the sunshine, actually moving my limbs with a bit of gusto! On Monday, we went to the Stone Carving exhibition in Gloucester, except that we didn’t – we couldn’t find it. The new Star Trek  movie had to do instead. It was great fun – a classic old-fashioned sci-fi film, if you can have such a thing.

And this week? Well, there isn’t much in the diary until Friday, but then I have five gigs in four days. I think I’ll spend a lot of time this week preparing for these; I think I’m looking forward to them all, but it will be hard work.

Oh – and it’s my birthday tomorrow. Something else to look forward to.


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