Nothing special

It’s been one of those weeks – a bit of this and a bit of that. On Monday I did a bit of writing up and a bit of prep. In the evening I performed in a gig in Worcester; nine poets who were all current or past poet laureates of various places. There was some excellent poetry to be heard, although I do wish people would stick to the amount of time they have been given. I’m usually really careful about this, but some people don’t seem bothered. But never mind; that’s only  a little quibble, and everyone there had a good time.

Oh – before that, I had my last session, at least for a while, with one of my Tewkesbury GP groups. It was good fun – well, it was for me, anyway; I got them all to work hard, but that’s what they seem to want.

On Tuesday I went to the fracture clinic. It seems that my foot is doing really well – much better than it would have been if they had operated on it. I was referred to the physiotherapy department. I went straight there, but they said that nobody could see me because “ it’s rather late in the day.” It was 11:30 am! I asked for just a printed sheet of exercises, but they said no-one could give me these; I’ll get an appointment in about 6 weeks. Actually, I think I’ll just look up Physiotherapy following heel fracture on t’Internet and see what turns up. Loads of emails to deal with, and in the evening I saw a live cinema broadcast of a programme from the British Museum Pompeii exhibition. This was ok, but a little disappointing; I felt I was being talked down to.

Oh dear – I’m sounding like a right misery this week! I don’t mean to; the irritations have all been minor ones.

On Wednesday I was able to tell the poets whose poems have been chosen to appear in this year’s Poetry on Loan poetry postcards about their success (and commiserate with the others). It’s all a bit secret, though, because we’re not actually launching the postcards until October, when there will be a gig with all the poets as part of the Birmingham Literature Festival. We had some really good poems to choose from this year.

I did some gardening and had a bonfire; regular readers will know that I enjoy my bonfires, but I couldn’t really have fun with this one because I had a bad headache. I managed to do some writeups, but I couldn’t concentrate too well.

On Thursday I handled emails, and made a late birthday cake for The Son, and worked on an evaluation report. In the evening I was working with the book group in the prison; it’s a small group, but we have some interesting discussions.

Friday was the usual accounts – and then I had a facial! This was a birthday present from The Kids. It felt lovely to be pampered, but I don’t think it’s actually made a lot of difference to my face. Never mind. I did some prep for work in a school, and in the evening went to see the Lightning Seeds with The Son, at Westonbirt Arboretum. Yes, it was outside; yes, it was cold. Most people were there to see Blondie, the headline act, but we stayed only for the Seeds. It was a lovely gig; they did an acoustic set, with some different renditions of old favourites. On the way home I listened to an album I haven’t heard before, by my old friends The Indelicates. This was brilliant, stunning; I just want to listen to it over and over again.

And I finished preparing a book of pieces written by the Ross GP surgery group, and did some ironing.

The weekend was quite quiet, and today I’ve spent all day in Lady Hawkins school. I was asked to get the kids (Year 8 and 9) to do something challenging. I did; and they rose to it all magnificently. It’s a great school, and I was delighted to have been asked there again.

So that’s it – a bit of this and a bit of that. Actually, there’s been quite a lot going on, but nothing dramatic. Not every week can stand out.

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