Greek delight

So, a week ago on Monday I polished off the emails and finished packing. And on Tuesday I was off on holiday with The Bloke! Kefalonia. It was a lovely week. The sun was hot but there was usually a breeze to keep things cool. I had trouble walking on sand because of my poor foot, but that was really the only problem. On the last day I walked five miles, which was pretty good going in my current state. I sunbathed and swam and wrote (a new one-act play), and ate far too much; I spoke a bit of Greek, and delighted in the friendliness and hospitality of the people. We went up the mountain in a 4×4, and on the next to last day we saw sea turtles in the harbour at Agostoli, the capital. They were amazing; such a joy to see such ancient wild creatures, and I wrote a poem about it.

We returned at about 2 am this morning (Wednesday), and today I feel a bit absent. I’ve spent the afternoon at an ArtLift event, and had some of the carpets up downstairs because the upstairs loo was leaking, and apparently has been leaking for some time. The Bloke has mended it now, but everywhere I look there is something that needs to be done, and of course a heap of emails bigger than a sea turtle to deal with.

It’s one thing loving your work, which I do, but I can’t help loving holidays in Greece even more.

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