Catching up

As is usual, October was very busy for me, and this week was spent mostly catching up with things I hadn’t got round to doing. Monday and Tuesday were mostly emails, writing letters, invoices, Poetry on Loan website updates, and prep for a session at the hospice. On Tuesday afternoon I went to the hospital and worked with a lady who was more upset by her family than the fact that she had cancer; she was pleased to be able to talk about it all. And I did some slam practice.

On Tuesday evening The Bloke and I went to see Captain Phillips, but it was all booked up and we couldn’t get in, so we saw One chance instead. I’m glad we did; it was very funny in some parts and amiable in the rest; a pleasant little movie.

On Wednesday I did the hospital writeup, and some more website updates, and actually managed to do some cleaning – very good for the morale. In the afternoon I worked with my GP surgery group. They really are terrific; they put loads of effort in and we all have great fun, too. I tried once again to find someone to play a part in my latest one-act play, but both the possibles can’t do it; I don’t think I’ll be able to put this one on for the Worcestershire Festival, which is a shame. However, it looks like I’ll be directing a full-length play with TADS next year – watch this space!

I did some more slam practice, wrote up the GP surgery stuff, and started a report on the Hereford adult literacy group project. And I phoned to see how my ex-sister-in-law was doing – good progress; she had been talking a bit, but was still in a lot of pain.

Thursday was the hospital again. I’ve finally caught up with the sessions I missed when I was out of action after my accident – hooray! And what’s more, I worked with two men; men are usually more reluctant than women to talk about themselves, but I found two very interesting men – one who started working with computers even before I did, and one who is a psychic. Yes.

It was time for my end-of-month accounting. This month has been ok, but the next two are looking a bit grim, so perhaps I’ll be able to do more catching up – it’s definitely time for an office tidy up. I dug up an old, dead rose bush and excavated quite a bit of soil around it, so there’s a space now just waiting for a nice new one. The best rose bushes I’ve had were bought in Woolworth’s, so I’ll have to find somewhere else to get the new one.

I finished my report, and did the hospital writeup and some slam practice, and did some research into Dudley. I’m going to be running some workshops for people in Dudley, to write poems about the area, so I needed to know something about it first. And I checked through and amended the Poetry on Loan meeting minutes, and had a long phone call from The Son.

On Friday I sent a big email to all the Poetry on Loan contacts, and ran a session at the hospice, which went really well. They do enjoy these sessions, and there’s only one left; perhaps I’ll be able to arrange some more for the spring.

And I finally gave in and chose some reading glasses. This was more difficult than it sounds, because I have a tiny head and a tiny child’s face to go with it. All the cheaper children’s glasses have Hello Kitty or something similar on the frames; not my thing at all, so I ended up spending much more than I had hoped.

And then it was the Malvern slam. I was out of the hat first, which is almost always a sign that you won’t get through to the next round, and I didn’t. Oh well. I didn’t mind too much, because I won this one last year.

Over the weekend I sent out the old Poetry on Loan poetry postcards to their writers – it’s nice for people to get these bonus ones – and worked on the book of the Hereford adult literacy group poems, and on Sunday went to have a little look round Dudley. It was, I’m afraid to say, very depressing. Dudley’s town centre was badly hit by the opening of the Merry Hill centre, and it was sad to see so many shops boarded up.

And in the evening I heard that L has had a heart attack – but in fact this was part of the ups and downs of her recovery, and the doctors don’t seem to be too worried about it.

I still haven’t quite caught up with everything, but as the next few weeks are fairly empty, perhaps I’ll get right up-to-date with everything. Then what will I do?


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