When the faffing has to stop

I’m afraid I haven’t leapt back into the world of work yet. I seem to have spent most of the week faffing about. Monday was mostly concerned with cleaning the house to make a good impression on The Daughter’s new boyfriend; she was bringing him home for the first time. He’s lovely! I did do some prep for my session at the prison, though – quite a lot, in fact. Tuesday was definitely a faffing day – mostly shopping, but at least on Wednesday I did my end-of-month accounting and handled loads of emails.

Thursday started as a faffing-about day, but in the evening I went to the prison for my poetry group. We looked at inspirational speeches, and talked about what inspires us, and they had to write inspirational poems – which they did, of course.

By Friday I was ready to do stuff. I cleaned my car out and handled emails, and tried to fix my freezer, and worked on the book of pieces from the Hospice, which is just about ready to be published now, and did some sewing. And found I had a cold. It’s not really a bad cold, just one of those ones where your nose leaks constantly. I always think that the existence of the common cold goes a long way to disproving the existence of a benevolent deity; it’s just so petty.

The Son was home for a while on Saturday, and I did some clearing (more stuff for the charity shop), and on Sunday I did some prep for the play I’m going to be directing later this year, and blew my nose a lot.

So, yes, almost a whole week faffing. But it has all come to an end today.

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