All clear

Well, I stopped faffing about, and took the Christmas decorations down (I never like doing this); and cleared the waiting emails, and went through a clothes cupboard and threw out nine things (I always like doing this). I spent a long time updating the Poetry on Loan website, and prepared for a workshop on Wednesday, and cleared a bit more of my office.

On Tuesday I had my last appointment at the fracture clinic. The doctor said that I was making excellent progress, but must expect my foot to hurt for another 6 months to a year. So – not quite all clear yet, but I don’t need to go back. I said I could do pretty much anything now except run any distance, and he asked, “And is that something you would wish to do?” Why wouldn’t I? Doesn’t everyone want to be able to run?

I did a session at the hospital, with an amazing woman who wants to throw a party for all the oncology staff, and some shopping. In the evening I saw American Hustle, which was ok, but it didn’t really engage me. I wouldn’t give it loads of awards, but then I’m not judging.

On Wednesday I wrote my application for the Glastonbury poetry tent. I won’t get in, but still – why not give it a go? I prepared for a gig this week, and studied papers for the Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting in the evening. Before that, though, I had my GP surgery group, who put so much effort in to everything I ask them to do! They are terrific. It was a bit sad, though, because one of them has decided to leave the group, and I’m not really sure why.

On Thursday I woke late, with a headache, which got progressively worse during the day. Occasionally I get migraines, but only when I haven’t got much work on. How does my body know that it’s ok for me to spend some time lying down in a dark room? – which is what I had to do. Actually, it’s not ok, because there are always things I want or need to do; but it’s a fact that I only ever get migraines when there’s nowhere I absolutely have to be. Good, really, I suppose. In between lying down I dealt with emails. In the evening I had to go out, though – TADS meeting and the first readthrough of the play we’re putting on in September. I’m the director so I really had to be there. They did a great job of the readthrough, and then I collapsed with relief with the lights out.

Friday was a bit bet better, and I got quite a lot done – accounts and website updates, and emails, and minutes of the TADS meeting, and prep for this week. I polished the trophy I won last year at the Worcestershire one-act play festival; it will have to go back soon. And I sorted through what I laughingly call my intray, and threw out two armfuls of useless bits of paper.

The weekend was quite relaxing, with a trip to Lydney harbour, in the rain; I’ve nearly finished writing a poem about it, and (with the help of The Bloke) decided on the format of the book I’ll be making of all the pieces I’ve written about Gloucestershire as part of my laureateship. So that’s all clear now, as is my intray. I could do with more work, but as it is, there’s a chance that my office will be all clear too, by the end of the week.

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