Wishful thinking

So, last week I said that there was a chance that my office would be all clear by the end of the week. Hah! As if. Life intervenes to stop tidying. It’s been a good week, though.

Monday was the usual prep and mountain of emails, and on Tuesday I worked at the hospital, with two lovely women. I did the hospital writeup, and dealt with yet more emails, and updated the Poetry on Loan website, and tidied the office a bit, and looked at possible holidays.

By the way, my mum (who doesn’t do computers) said to me, “Isn’t it nice getting emails? Aren’t they just like letters?” Well, yes and no; it would be awful if I didn’t get any, but a lot are junk and most require some action.

On Wednesday I went back to Dudley, where I’ve run a couple of workshops; the participants were doing a reading of some of the pieces they have written, and I did a short set at the end. The guys were terrific; a bit nervous, but they did it anyway, and some of the poems were very good indeed. Well done them. The set went down well, too. In the afternoon I was with my GP surgery group, who worked hard and had lots of fun. In the evening I did writeups and paid my income tax bill. Gulp. And more emails. And more holiday investigation.

And on Thursday I tidied my desk. It’s brown! Who’d have thought it? I am determined to keep it clear. The Son gave me a little desk vacuum cleaner for Christmas, and I wanted to try it but couldn’t get the battery compartment open – I’ve done it now, so today I’ll vacuum my desk. That’s a first. More prep and website updating, and I finally copied the photos and videos from my cameras (from last year’s holiday!) onto the computer. They really aren’t very good.

Hospital again in the afternoon; this time I spoke to a really interesting chap who works on a North Sea rig. He cooks three full meals a day, with four choices at each course, for 35 people, and does this on his own. I felt rather inadequate. In the evening I was at the prison with the book group. It was an excellent session with some really thoughtful discussion. And I finished the evening with writeups.

On Friday I was at home. I finished the prep for the young people’s writing groups I run once a month, and read a report on mine and other groups written by two academics. Oh dear. It was full of jargon, and came to the conclusions that anyone would have come to after spending a session with the groups, but I suppose it has to be done. More emails, again, and I made a cake for The Bloke’s birthday, and phoned to book the holiday – but couldn’t; the room I wanted wasn’t available. Back to the drawing board. I did a bit more office tidying; another armful of paper for the recycling bin.

Saturday was the young people’s writing groups, and it went really well; they are such a joy to work with. And the rest of the weekend was stretched to include Monday, The Bloke’s birthday. On Sunday we went to the WestMidlandsWildlifePark, where the animals were quite active and fun to see. And on Monday, after hours and hours of searching, we booked our holiday. No more wishful thinking about holidays – now it’s done, and I have some real sunshine and sea swimming to look forward to. Hooray!

Oh – and there is no chance that the office will be clear by the end of this week. 

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