Small adventures

We don’t get many big adventures in life so it’s important to take advantage of the small ones, and it’s nice if you can help other people get theirs.

Not that much of that happened on Tuesday; writeups, emails and prep happened, although in the evening I went to see The wolf of Wall Street. It was long, and didn’t really engage me, although it was entertaining in places.

I’m trying to prolong my work in the prison – funding ends in April – and I phoned people about this on Wednesday. Trying to make anything happen in a prison, though, requires huge amounts of patience. We’ll see. I did a lot of prep, and worked with my GP surgery group – an excellent session! And I booked a room for rehearsals for the play I’ll start directing soon. It seems that we have to have flyers available in a couple of weeks, long before rehearsals start, which seems rather strange.

On Thursday I went to the building society to try to sort out my various accounts. The boy (yes, I’ve reached that stage where everyone I deal with looks like a child) who helped me was really good, and seemed to know his stuff. Job done. Off to the hospital, where I worked with two wonderful, lovely women. Since then, one of them has emailed to say that she was inspired by what we did to write her own poem; perhaps this is the start of some little adventures for her, in writing; I hope so.

I handled lots of emails and did a bit of tidying. No, the office isn’t clear yet.

On Friday I did my accounts, and went to Birmingham. I met The Daughter for a very quick lunch, and dashed to the Poetry on Loan meeting. The library staff who attend these are amazing. They are surrounded by the pressures of reorganisations (i.e. job cuts) but still they manage to put on events to promote poetry. The Arts Council (our funders) should be proud of us.

I wrote an interim report for my prison work. Oh, it really should go on! Anyone out there got any funding, at all? And I submitted a short story for a kind of competition. It was 237 words too long, so I had to shave it down; that took ages. And I finally got the hospice book off to the online publishers.

And at the weekend – well, I took The Bloke to London for his birthday. He wanted to fly (as they put it) on the London Eye, and go for a trip on a boat on the river. The weather was not at its best, but it did stop raining, and the visibility was reasonable. We had a little wander round Parliament Square; I’ve never looked at all the statues there before. We thought of going round the Tower of London – The Bloke’s never been – but it was £19.50 each, and we had only an hour before it closed, so there didn’t seem much point.

I love going to London; it always gives me a bit of a buzz, even on a cold rainy day in January. And, it seems, I’m not alone – everywhere was really busy. Why? Why are they all coming to London in January?

And now I must do some real preparation for the play. This is an adventure too; it’s an expensive production in  a big theatre. I’ve got a great cast and I’m sure the performances will be terrific, but our super set designer is no longer with us, and – most important – how can we persuade people to come and see it? And can I do the cast justice with my direction?

Well, spontaneity is a wonderful thing, but I’ll approach this adventure as I do most of them – with loads of preparation. Here goes…

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